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Hampstead Case Update

Saturday, December 09, 2017

As I check out videos on YouTube, I noticed some videos about the Hampstead case, in which I had blogged about earlier. To recap, this case takes place in United Kingdom at the Christ Church in London, by the pedophile ring leader, Ricky Dearman, and many other professional adults, which includes teachers at the elementary school. It is a cult, started by Ricky Dearman, where cannibalism, pornography, sexual acts, and ritualistic murders are performed. The adults are also training kids to continue with such cultish, satanic and ritualistic behavior in their adult life with their own children. Such acts are taken place inside “secret rooms” or “cellars” inside homes as well as McDonalds and a coffee shop. Swimming pool and tennis club are also places where such acts take place.

#2 Abraham and Ella Speak Out in an Interview

In this video, the mother of Alisa and Gabriel, and her husband, Abraham, are interviewed about the Hampstead case and her ex-husband, Ricky Dearman. It appears that the cult is traumatizing the kids with MK-Ultra mind control programming, similar to many celebrities in the industry, in order to make them do certain acts. They even mentioned that Barack Obama was a CIA mind control sex slave at the same school. I am not shocked because he seemed very robotic in speech and mannerisms, every time I saw him giving a speech.


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