The AVICII Psychic Reading

Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Today is Cinco de Mayo for many Mexicans in California, in which the local parks are usually filled with picnics. But, besides that, I don’t really see it celebrated anywhere else. I just know this day because it is usually written on most calendars. Anyway, today I spend my day retouching a page. Then, I noticed that the TV remote wasn’t working. So, I called Cox to figure out the problem, and the guy finally rebooted my TV and the DVR box, and my TV and remote magically worked. I noticed that every two years, I need to reboot the TV or DVR box because something doesn’t work properly or becomes “off.” Then, at 7 pm, I went to a Photo Meetup party until 10 pm. When I returned, I decided to check what’s new on the internet. I stopped at YouTube to watch some videos, and I thought this one was interesting as well as I agreed with this psychic reading. This psychic reading goes well with my posts that I recently submitted.

AVICCI psychic reading—I agree with this psychic because she said similar information to what I blogged about and I am not a psychic. I just notice certain similar patterns as well as certain inconsistencies to other celebrities who were murdered before him, most likely for the same reasons, such as they are worth more dead than alive. Whitney Houston said it herself that it was all about the money as well as it wasn’t fun anymore.


What do you think?


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    • i barely knew his work because i think he was mostly famous in europe. i just remember checking out 2 or 3 videos on youtube e worked on, but i wasnt aware who the artist was. i just think it is sad they killed him because he retired from touring, and they couldnt make more money of him.

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