One Video Led to Another…

Sunday, December 9th, just before midnight, I went on YouTube to just watch a couple of videos before bedtime. After watching the first video, it led me on a trail toward other videos. I followed the clues to see where it all leads to.

#2 Many YouTube Videos posted on this website

I noticed that this websites notes there are half of a million pedophiles in UK. There are also many disturbing videos, describing satanic human sacrifice and pedophilia. Former FBI agent, who I think is now dead, exposes a lot of satanic acts in society. There are also many sex cults in UK, where children are murdered in forests and churches. Jimmy Saville was a pimp, involved in these child trafficking cults and human sacrifice as well as he was close friends with Prince Charles. Journalist and Novelist, Hunter S. Thompson, was also involved in pedophilia, beastiality, and Bohemian Groves.  Call boys at the White House give politicians blow jobs and “snuff films” involving young boys. I remember watching a movie about Hunter S. Thompson on the indie channel. So, I decided to add a movie clip from Youtube.

#4 Hunter S Thompson – Interview by Letterman (1987)

I decided to search for Hunter S. Thompson on YouTube, and I noticed that he did many interviews. So, I decided to post this one in order to compare him with Johnny Depp's portrayal of Hunter S. Thompson in the movie. I think Johnny Depp did a good job looking, talking, and acting like Hunter S. Thompson. I also noticed from this video that Hunter S. Thompson has a Phd. 


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