Playful Destiny

Do you believe on destiny?

When I was a kid, my father died on a car accident, this gives me a different perspective about life. My mom works hard even though she feel sick due to her weak lungs, I don’t know, what’s happening at that time, but I know that something is wrong about my mom. The night before my birthday, my mom is preparing the ingredients for a little celebration. I went upstairs to get her apron, but suddenly, I hear a loud noise and I know that it was from the kitchen. I run downstairs and check, what happened. My body freezes on what I saw, my mom is lying on the ground with her eyes open and blood on her mouth. Sooner, my tears went out and my knee fall on the ground. I heard the phone ring, I answer it and my auntie greets me. I tell her what happened and she told me to wait for her. At the hospital, my auntie told me that she will take care of me, so she take me to her house and I found out that she is living alone. I woke up early, because I remember what happened, while sleeping. On the front yard, I saw a girl with my age on the neighbors yard. She’s kind of weird due to her scars, but there’s something about her that reminds me of my mom.

Thanks for your time. To be continued.


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Written by Toki Kido

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