Chinese Anime movie, Big Fish and Begonia (2018)

Thursday, 12.12.19, 6:12 pm

I spent all day lounging and trying to recuperate my head cold. I turned on the TV, on an indie channel, and I decided to watch a Chinese anime cartoon, Big Fish & Begonia. As I lounged and relaxed into my comfy cushions, with a comfy blanket, I kept the lights off, and watched this fantasy/love story. I was soon transformed into another world, as I followed the main character’s story, as she traveled from her underwater world to the human world for observation. But an accident happens in the human world, in which a human man sacrifices his life in order to save her. Back home, she feels sad for his family, and she uses her powers to bring him back to life so he can be with this family again. She is also sacrificing her own life, in many ways, in order for him to be able to live again with his family. Meanwhile, her male best friend in her own world is falling in love with her, but she only sees him as a brother. He also sacrifices his life many times for her. They are all fearless characters who are more concerned about the other instead of themselves. They all worked hard to make sure the other person will happy that they sacrifice their life in many ways. But her world has magical powers, and they go on into another world doing other work.

It was fun to watch. I enjoyed the travelling between different world, and the love and compassion for others in order to help each other out, no matter how harsh and dangerous the situation. This Chinese anime has a similar style to the Japanese anime, Spirited Away.

It is a 2018 movie, and the full movie might be on Youtube.


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