In a perfect world according to actor Tom Holland

In a perfect world according to actor Tom Holland who is the latest actor to play the role of the Amazing Spider-Man, he would like to work with the first Spider-Man actor to make in the movies Tobey McGuire.

Since the recent “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie will create at least a sequel, Holland would like actor Tobey McGuire to play the role of Ben Parker who is his uncle.

In the Spider Man stories in cartoons and comic books, Ben Parker was rubbed out by a burglar who broke into his home after Spider Man failed to capture the criminal at a sports arena where Spider Man was in a wrestling match against another professional wrestler in which Spider Man won.

Spider Man learned the lesson of his late uncle which was “With great power comes great responsibility”. What Spider Man learned after he captured the criminal after his uncle was shot to death was had he assisted the security officer by at least tackling the burglar, his uncle would still be alive.

Since the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie takes place when Peter Parker is in high school and there was no mention of Ben Parker, it is possible for Ben Parker to make either a cameo appearance in a flashback or have him in the sequel to the recent Spider Man movie as a minor character.

But will Tobey McGuire agree to achieve the dream of Tom Holland to work with him once again? Time will tell since Holland is a young man who will learn that the studios call the plays for him.


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