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Oh Yeah this Penrith Boy is deeply disappointed

Oh yeah the Moon is beautiful and the Sun even more beautiful but what do I do to get me going? Oh yeah, that’s the question me… the Penrith boy facing at this crucial juncture… Oh Yeah, I can’t see a ray of hope … Oh Yeah! But I don’t want to believe that “sometimes when you get disappointed you feel even stronger” Oh No.

Actually I have no intention of ranting at this serious platform but the way all my views which were coming so easily by my efforts of sharing articles on different social media sites have stopped suddenly.

Oh Yeah… I am left high and dry scratching my head and pondering over what some of the greatest internet gurus said about article marketing and sharing media! How come they earn millions of dollars every year with the help of sharing media and I get nothing… Oh yeah!

On a serious note, may I ask from all of you knowledgeable people on this great writing platform just what platforms you use or what is that great traffic source that brings views for you? For me there’s nothing but social media, oh yeah!

I am really so disappointed at this point of time that I want to leave because I am not getting any traffic and have run out of ideas for bring my next visitor on my articles, Oh Yeah… I am totally out of my mind . I am thinking in terms of where I can look for a genuine weight loss program or should I look for a dietary supplement? Oh yeah!


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Written by Suny Ag


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  1. For sites like this you really have to rely on internal traffic – social sharing helps, but I find that not many people will click through a link on Twitter or FB unless it really has a great title and perhaps gets shared a lot.

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