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My Brainstorm Session with Cats

Monday, March 04, 2019

I woke up today, performed my regular morning routine, and I decided to go to the gym. After eating my breakfast and changing my clothes, I decided to pick a card for my Cats card deck for today’s overall outlook. I originally bought these cards for my writer’s block issues to help give me ideas when I get stuck. Now, that I finished my 2nd novel, I am just playing with these cards for fun.

I randomly chose one card and analyze scene, mostly focusing on the first thing I noticed in the card. After analyzing the first card, I randomly chose a second card to elaborate on the first card’s insights. And, then, this string of clues led me to do seven cards. I noticed these seven cards had a beginning and ending to my story. The first card was the beginning, which was really seeking answers, and the other cards seemed to answer it, with little clues trail, and I randomly picked the seventh card, which seemed to be the end result.

I think these seven cards could also make a good storyline outline for a future novel, maybe a story with seven chapters.

My overall outlook for today, Monday, March 04, 2019 is a cute scenario for the day. It is about being single, living my life, and it looks like I plan to do everything in these cards, but in human terms—such as meetups, gym workout, yoga meditation, candles, and I am definitely restless, running around everywhere in different direction to look for exciting adventures to explore as well as interesting people to meet, and this story ends with meeting the Sea King. This was fun…and these cards are cute.

#1 Monday’s Dilemma

I shuffled the deck of cards and picked one from the middle. I picked 2 of Sea card. I decided to just meditate on the card, based on what I first notice from the card, and use my intuition to look for signs. It is a cute card with two sweet and loving cats coming together and falling in love. It is also very romantic, in a kitty way, because it is a romantic meeting by the coast. There is a fountain with water flowing out, which has to do with an emotional time. So, this card has to do with love, emotions, and romance. But since I picked it in reverse, it indicates that I am single, which is accurate for my life.

#2 First Clue I picked up…

I decided to elaborate on the first card to see where the trail of clues will lead me for today. The 2nd card I randomly picked from the center of the pile is Stars 17 card. It depicts a cat hanging out outside, during the nighttime hours, and the cat appears to be meditating on the stars. As it looks up to the sky, it sees the Lion constellation Leo. This card is about looking up to God, having faith about your life, and trusting God that everything will work out. But since I picked this card in reverse, it could mean that there is some blockage in my life.

The cat seems calm, sweet, and peaceful, as it is looking for guidance, and seeking this guidance in the stars, which in this case is the Leo sign of the astrology because Leo the Lion is a bigger cat and probably a role model for a domestic house cat. 

I also happen to be a Leo, which is probably why I relate with cats. 

But in human terms, this card is probably talking about praying to God at night, maybe even by your bedroom window. So, maybe I need to concentrate on removing this blockage...

#3 I thought about ridding blockage..

I decided to continue my clues trail, and I randomly picked a 3rd card from the middle of the deck. I picked 9 of Fire card. The scene depicts 9 cute cats hanging out together, around a bonfire, socializing and discussing things and ideas. I also kind of looked like a brainstorming session. They are sitting in a circle, like a close-knit group. This scene reminds me of my meetup groups. This scene takes place at night, which is accurate about some of my meetups, although I also go to daytime meetups. So, for today, maybe I should concentrate on my evening and nighttime meetup group. (I do have a photography meetup group tonight).

It could also be saying I need to brainstorm ideas. 

#4 Meditating on Action

I decided to further elaborate on the meetup sign. I picked a 4th card from the middle of the deck, which is the Cat Magic 1 card. Although this card depicts new age items, I will translate it into realistic terms. It has to do with doing prayers and meditations to ask God for guidance, as you focus on your goal or goals. I ignored the witchcraft symbolism and rituals because I don’t know anything about that stuff anyway. But it still was about being spiritual and having faith in God. But since I picked it up in reverse, it might mean I need to pray more, even though I am always meditating.

This card might have to do with prayer, as well as meditating on taking action.

#5 Taking Action to move forward

I picked up a 5th card—8 of Fire—which depicts two cats sitting on a table, watching one cat running around restlessly. The cat running around reminds me of Gumby during the nighttime. But in my case, it indicates that I am restless, and I desperately want to make new changes in my life, but I am not sure what actions to take. The current action that I am doing is proofing my graphic novel for the 3rd time, hoping this is enough, but not really sure. I have found typos during all three rounds of proofing, and I don’t know if I need to proof it in a fourth round. But I am also interested in making other changes in my life, just not sure where or what to do next.

So, I guess I am currently exploring for new options and opportunities, as I decide what action I need to make next. That is probably why I am restless, moving around in different directions to explore different things.

#6 Making Decisions

The 6th card is 2 of Fire. It depicts a cat sitting by open doors and looking outside, as she considers her options. There are two lighted white candles by her to help her meditate on her available options. I think this card is about going outside and living an adventurous life, but proceeding with caution.  It also indicates checking out nighttime activities. There is an opportunity ahead, but proceed with caution, as you observe and meditate on this opportunity. And, take action at the right time, when it feels right.

#7 Final card

The 7th card is Sea King. It predicts a fluffy, mature, handsome, and affluent cat lounging peacefully by a calm pond. There is a small fish swimming in the pond, and the cat is sitting by it in peace and harmony, almost like they are both friends hanging out together outside, and the cat doesn’t consider it as dinner.  In the background, there is a calm and peaceful ocean, with a large house or castle. This background could be your environment, which is now calm and peaceful area, and you live in a nice home. This scene takes place in daytime. It appears to be a luxurious coastal area. The Sea King appears to be retired, as her lounges by the coasts with an old fish friend.

Maybe in my case, I will meet my Sea King, a cute and fluffy man, where a nice necklace with sapphires that match his blue eyes. 


What do you think?


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