Morgus E017, part two, Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 017 part two, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe’

Written on April 23, 2018

Part one published on Virily on May 24, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on May 31, 2018.

To be continued in the next Morgus episode 017 Part two, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe,’ on …


Winter 32 Unicorn

As she sits in the guest chair of the chamberlain’s office, viewing his guest to Morgus the Jalfem appears to be about fifty-six or so. She talks a good talk about engineering but can claim little practical experience.

Morgus offered her a crystal goblet of heavy dark rich-scented wine, and she awkwardly accepted. Handling the goblet and drinking like a farmer, he finds she has plenty of mason knowledge, and she presents him with a guild journeyman document.

He looks at her as she explains how she started studying the trade late in her life.

With a deep gaze, Morgus asks her, “how soon can you start? What wage do you ask?”

Swallowing hard, she sets the brilliant crystalline goblet down on his old desk. “Room and board with six coins per day … I can start today.”

Making some quick notes, Morgus smiles, and he says, “the budget is ten-thousand coins for the entire project including the wages. I don’t want it all to go to your wages. Will five coins a day do?”

She wags her finger and says, “no! But with room and board … 5.50 a day will.”

Making more notes, Morgus smiles a slight grin. “You can stay in the staff bunk room if you need a place to hole up until I decide who I’m hiring.”

“Yes, please.”


Barging into the staff dining area, Baron Hessan’s face is bright-red as he looks around at each person until he spots Halda, he blurts out, “YOU! I told you no games in the manor!”

With a couple blinks, her mouth dropping open, Halda sputters a moment, and then she replies, “I haven’t played with Square inside the buildings, Baron … honest!”

Waving a ceramic, medium-hand-sized horse figurine wildly about, Larap gutturally speaks, “who broke this then?”

Total silence from the staff.

Square lays curled tightly on the floor near Morgus’ chair.

All eyes are on Larap.

The mage blinks, then Halda says, “it wasn’t me, I tell you.”

Still jiggling the figurine about, Baron Hessan blurts out, “it wasn’t the hound! She didn’t break it then put it back in place! Someone here broke my 600.00-coin art piece. I’ll find out who and take it out of their wages … trust me on this!” He storms out of the room, stomping his shuffling feet.

Winter 34 Unicorn

With the house Matron sitting in his office long before the morning services or meal, Morgus watches her as he sits dressed in a night robe. Looking out his window at the night-gods he addresses her. “You woke me at least two hours earlier in the morning. Long before anyone else wakes. The only others likely awake are the guards and Square. The two guards are likely out patrolling the estate … so speak your mind, you crone!”

Cringing, Ada asks, “ale … or wine perhaps?”

Reaching over, Morgus taps his keg and pours two ales. He casually hands one to Ada.

She accepts eagerly, and Morgus knows that she is nervous and in trouble. She doesn’t consume alcoholic beverages typically.

“Spill it, Ada … what’s eating at you?”

Drinking two good gulps, she lowers her mug. With Ada looking into Morgus’ eyes he sees her fear, and he nods to her.

“I have terrible news to report which may cause Baron Hessan to remove me from services.”

Placing his hand on Ada’s, Morgus says, “it’s fine … he trusts you … what could you do so wrong to be dismissed?”

She sets her mug on Morgus’ desk gently, “I broke the figurine when I was moving it. I couldn’t tell him as I knew how much he adores the piece of shit!”

Giving a slow whistle, Morgus nods, “I saw how upset he was. We will have to figure this one out together … let’s sleep on it. How long ago did you break it?”

A tear breaks the stern face of Ada as she says, “three seasons ago … you’ll help me?”

Standing and walking around the desk, Morgus embraces her. “We’ll work it out together … you help me … so I’ll help you.”


Ada calls Morgus in from the craftshop where he had been working on parchment.

Entering his office, he finds a Jalfem who appears to be around forty-years-old. She is not as witty or forthcoming as was the first applicant.

Near the end of the interview, Mogus asks her, “how much do you want?”

She immediately responds, “I demand seven a day, plus room and board.”

Again, he makes his notes. Then he says, “… and you can stay here in the staff bunk room until I decide on who will be the successful engineer.”

Winter 35 Unicorn


As the morning starts, Morgus is wiping his mouth after eating morning meal.

As she returns to the staff’s social chamber, Ada informs him, “you have another one in your office for an interview.”

He replies, “thank you, Ada.”

We now end Morgus episode 017 Part two, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe,’ on …

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


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To be continued in the next Morgus episode 017 Part three, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe,’ on …

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Written by Kenneth Shumaker

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