Morgus, E013 part two, Freesia Round Doll


Written and produced by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 013, part two ‘Freesia Round Doll’ 

Written on, September 13, 2017 

Part one published on Virily on March 8, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on March 15, 2018.

We continue now with Morgus episode E013 part two, ‘Freesia Round Doll’ on …

Winter 16 Unicorn

Grinning gleefully, Morgus clasps arms with Beraran, “Great, I’ll go to the registrars soon and have the guild apprenticeship papers scribed, to be brought to you for your signatures … anything I can do for you Master Beraran?”

Coughing and reaching for a stool to sit as he stares at the coin pile he asks, “Is that fifty?”

Quickly adding five more Flairs, Morgus winks. “It is.”

Wiping his face with his rough, calloused hand, groaning deeply. Closing his eyes, then opening them staring at Morgus, Beraran says, “I thought you didn’t like me? Or my work?”

Morgus pats the man’s shoulder. “No, my man … it was nothing personal … I need specific quality knives which you have yet to produce for me. You – I like.”

Moaning as he leans forward placing his hands on his knees, Beraran utters, “Shit!”

Again, patting the man’s back a few times, Morgus asks, “when can Sesan start?”

Beraran jerks his head up. “Hum? Oh … yeah … can you start in the morning, Sesan?”

Sesan chuckles and offering his arm to clasp. “Do you start at gods-rise?”

Clasping arms heartily, “I stoke my forge at gods-rise, that’s your job now, be here before gods-rise.”

Smiling, Sesan replies, “I’m thinking your shop is like half-an-hour walk for me. I’ll be here.”

Exiting the smith’s building, Sesan turns to Morgus. “You just elevated my social class another notch without it costing me anything. Plus, I’ll be living at home again, helping my sister.”

Winking at Sesan, while still holding his coin pouch, Morgus motions for Sesan to hold out his hand. When Sesan complies, Morgus places ten Flairs into it. “For expenses until you get set up my friend.”

Astonished by the over-generosity, Sesan just gazes at the coins.

It’s two in the afternoon, Morgus asks, “you want a ride home?”

Sesan shakes his head as he’s recovering from his shock. “No, Master Morgus … it would be best I walk home, so I do know how long it takes me.”

Saluting pirate style with his right hand open over his heart, Morgus climbs into the cabin of the carriage along with Square and closing the door, he taps on the closed driver’s window.

Releasing the brakes, Gendal heads home as per their discussion on the way from Renol.

Winter 18 Unicorn

Working on the research of his lance spell, Morgus is interrupted by knocking on his open door then Ada enters his lab.

She clears her throat and says, “Master Platter is here with more goods for you, Master Morgus.”

Setting down the retort, Morgus nods. “I’ll be right down as soon as I clean myself up. Thank you, Ada.”

Taking off the apron and washing his hands and face, Morgus rushes downstairs to the waiting room. He finds Lasiter patiently waiting, holding a tumbler of ale, standing near the glowing pangolin.

Looking over at Morgus, he states, “the glow is new I think? Was this you?”

Looking away from the bright orange light, Morgus chuckles. “Yes, and by the size of your bundle, I’d say … six hides?”

Setting the ale on a table, Lasiter shakes his head as Morgus starts unwrapping the bundle. “Seven.”


An-hour-and-a-half later Morgus is paying Lasiter twenty-four flairs for seven perfect hides, plus a three Flair bonus, saying, “Thank you, at least nine more of these … more if you can.”

Clasping arms, Farmer Platter then places the rare coins in his pouch. “I will keep bringing them until you say no.”

Putting his own coin pouch aside, Morgus smiles. “Deal.” As an afterthought. “Come have refreshments with me if you have time?”

Startled at being invited deeper into his noble’s manor, Lasiter blinks several times then grins. “Why not.”

They retire to the staff social room where the two lesser priests serve them refreshments, while the two men make small talk discussing local politics and happenings.

Taking a more serious tact, Morgus asks, “do you know of any buildings with their lease available?”

Thinking a moment staring at the table, Lasiter sips his ale, about to shake his head he stops then says while turning to look at Morgus. “I had heard old Fremal was letting his lease on Westmolmot Mill go. I’m not certain on that though.”

Morgus tries to recall the mill. “What address?”

Lasiter points north. “912 Drescol street … near Beraran smith.”

Shrugging, now recalling the two-story stone structure, Morgus remembers Fremal being a Jalmal taken strongly to his work with nine or ten employees. Not likely to let go of his mill. But then he was around eighty-years-old when Morgus last saw him.


At around evening meal time as Morgus rides up to the Westmolmot Mill lot on his horse which he had purchased from Larap yesterday; paying too much for the horse and gear, over 123.00 coins when it should all have only cost a hundred.

The mill looks abandoned, not a soul in sight, no lights or smoke, no un-natural sounds, just the birds and insects.

Dismounting his horse, Rex, Morgus knocks on the door and waits, looking around him.

The ground has signs of traffic since the rains yesterdays, going in and out of the building, lots of traffic. So, it’s still occupied obviously. But no one answers tonight.

Mounting Rex, Morgus rides home arriving an hour after evening meal.

Raiding the kitchen after stabling Rex and grooming the horse, he prepares a meal for himself and Square.

Winter 19 Unicorn

Arriving again at the mill and knocking on the door, at half-an-hour past noon, Morgus is rewarded with a gruff male voice screeching, “come in!”

Entering the building, Morgus finds it almost completely empty. Except for a few chairs and a couple tables.

A fire crackles in one of the two fireplaces in the room, warming the air slightly.

Sitting on one chair near the fireplace, leaning against a walking stick, is a century old Jalmal, who Morgus easily recognizes. “Gods-graces and good fate Pampaloo Fremal. It’s been damn over twenty years, and I still recognize the Pampaloo I stole cloth from. How are you doing old geezer?”

Peering over toward the door squinting hard, Fremal utters, “do me the courtesy of introducing yourself, Boyo.”

Sitting near Fremal, Morgus says, “Morgus, the lad from the Perch Inn. Remember me not, it would be better for me now.”

Laughing heartily, the pampaloo freerolls a laugh from his belly until tears trickle. Then calming he says, “yes! I remember you. You and Terror Tot would steal a bolt of cloth for your Mommas to make new tunics for yourselves and your family. Don’t think I didn’t know what you were up to … young Baron Hessan compensated me for my losses, then some, on your behalf.”

We now end the Morgus episode E013 part two, ‘Freesia Round Doll’ on:

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you! 

©2017 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press


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