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Morgus, E009 Green Dog Square, Part 3


Written and produced by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 009, ‘Green Dog Square’

Written by Kenneth Shumaker on May 31, 2017

Part 1, published on Virily: December 21, 2017.

Part 2, published on Virily: January 5, 2018.

Part 3, published om Virily: January 12, 2018.

We continue now with Morgus episode E009, ‘Green Dog Square’ with part 3 on …

Winter 5 Unicorn

Watching a green dog in the square of the courtyard, Morgus is distracted long enough for one of the two thugs to stab the mage.

Returning his focus to the two assailants, Morgus resorts to his new standby spell.

This is likely the last spell he’ll be able to cast, considering how weak he is feeling. Again, thumbs touching, fingers spread, he utters the phrase “Usten.”

With desperation, Morgus watches as the brilliant yellow flicks of flame burst forth, reaching outward, grasping in their fan the two attackers. Their clothing instantly ignites, critically scorching both of them.

Screaming in agony, they both fall to the ground unconscious.

Having kept a rough count, Morgus knows there are a few more thugs on the estate. However, he has no weapons, and he is too weak to cast more spells. Morgus meekly walks the last thirty-feet to the exit gate of the estate.

The emerald-green dog follows the mage from the manor’s courtyard square.


The green dog follows Morgus all the way to the farm. It takes Morgus more than twice as long to travel back.

Upon reaching to the farm, Morgus finds Gendal and Tussal are impatiently waiting for him as it is now almost mid-afternoon.

They notice the green dog, and Gendal asks, “Is that what you do to people you disagree with?”

Chuckling as he sits at the kitchen table of the farmer’s house, an exhausted and wounded Morgus replies, “The dog followed me after I tried to talk with Kellum, but I ended up torching the manor and thugs, killing most of them. Let’s see if it’ll let us look it over?”

Giving a quick whistle, Morgus offers the dog a bit of pork rind from the table.

It approaches him.

Petting the dog, he determines it’s a bitch and has been crudely dyed a rough emerald-green. Liking the dog, he says, “More than likely, she has no home now. I’d hate to see her go hungry and die. I’ll keep her if she stays with me.”

Curious, Tussal asks, “Like a pet, or mascot?”

Considering this briefly, Morgus replies, “Maybe as a familiar?”

The farmer chuckles, “So what are you going to name her?”

Stumped for a bit, Morgus ponders this and then answers firmly, “Square.”

This episode was written by, Kenneth Shumaker. 

May the words stay with you!

©2017 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

To be continued in Morgus episode E010, ‘Green Horse Dart’ on …

Winter 6 Unicorn

Having torched Harrow estate and the estate thugs, Morgus reports back to Hessan that the issue is partially resolved. The real perpetrator is still unknown. Now with his new familiar, the emerald-green dog, Square, Morgus has more matters to tend to while trying to fit in more studies. Hez has questions for Morgus as well.

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