Eren’s Challenge, E017 part 1 of, Iridescent Housing Beetle

Eren’s Challenge

By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 017, ‘Iridescent Housing Beetle’ part 1

With InUPress

Written on January 16, 2018.

Part 1 published on Virily, January 31, 2018.

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Lezmor 19 of 78 

My alarm rang several minutes ago waking me from a light sleep. I had been dreaming of my free life in the days before I began hooking Angel. The simple life of rounding up creeps and thugs who were scamming innocent people from hundreds of their hard-earned credits.

In the dreaming before the alarm, I was in the middle of the case where the phone scammer would call saying he was a security company officer warning the victim about computer malware intrusions into their computers, then scamming the victims of a thousand credits for a lifetime subscription for a promised all-inclusive national security service.

But when the victims paid, and then they tried to access services, the victim would discover no services existed; the very business didn’t exist.

As I sit on the edge of the soft feather double mattress of this bed, I marvel that Angel even uses a real feather mattress. Not a spring-coil or pillow mattress, but an actual pilled and quilted feather mattress.

I scratch at my back while I watch the strange artifact intrude as it enters my room.

A flat-top iridescent blue three-foot round, two-foot high beetle creeps across my floor toward me. On top of its flat back is a set of freshly pressed clothing. A long sleeve white cotton dress shirt, navy-blue Herret sheep’s wool pants which only nobles can afford, an ocean-black sleeveless satin dress vest and a wide ultra-marine-blue necktie, black leather dress low heel shoes. I’ve never worn such finery before, though I’ve shopped through online shops several times for these things.

Angel’s people have been watching me obviously, for some time. Which means Angel knows who I am and what I do. I’m screwed, I’ve put my body in front of the hungry canine. My life is forfeit, and I’ve dragged Es in to the trap with me.

The computer monitor flares to life as it lights up. A message quickly scrawls up onto the screen drawing my attention.

Without dressing, I walk over and read the large type font.

‘Master Eren. You by now are aware that you have no choice, but to accept my Amber Calendar offer. As I know you are aware who the Trump is. This being so, you know your project. Thank you and Welcome to Angel’s Amber Calendar … Angel.’


Canine? No! A parasite with a voracious appetite.

Slowly I dress in the presented clown outfit of the upper class after I wash. I walk downstairs to the ground floor great hall with firm strides, though inside I want to take back to hiding under the quilt.

Es is idly wandering around the great room in an ankle length blue diaphanous flowered print gown with a white sleeveless thigh length knit vest over it, she is also wearing a soft blue six-inch heel, multi-strap shoes. Not seeing me she roams the chamber viewing the paintings and wall tapestries a few moments longer.

Then spotting me she rushes over, embracing me.

She grimaces sad. “I didn’t sleep well … not used to the firm mattress. Then the early morning birds chirping through the open window disturbed my sleep again several times.”

I return the embrace then back up. “We’re on Angel’s lifetime Amber Calendar. I guess we’ll need to wait for our calls now.”

“I’m glad you accepted my invitation, Master Eren. I have now logged your com into my one-click contact. Please answer as quickly as possible when I call.” The tall beast swooshes into the room. Angel is dressed in an actual sea-blue heavy wool ankle length wide flowing gown.

Behind her is Jut in a clean well groomed tight-fitting black fur outfit.

Both are barefoot/pawed.

With a look to my com, I note it’s 8:21 a.m. “Angel, how could I refuse your offer. You were so convincing this morning.”

With a sidelong look from me to Angel and back, Es shakes her head. “I haven’t said I agree.”

Simply, Angel replies, “Would you prefer to be sterilized, with again living your old life?”

Stopping her walk, Es shudders. “No … I accept. You drive a hard bargain.”

The two shake hands, then I shake with Angel.


The ceremony begins with the gnoll priest, who enters into a set of chanting ceremonies ending in the drawing of a dagger blade across both of our palms. He then presents the blade to me, laying it on my blood-stained hand.

“Clasp hands while holding the blade of the dagger. Thus, sealing your bond,” commands the priest.

We grip the blade as Es clasps hands with me. Blood drips from between our clasped hands then we release, and I offer the priest his dagger.

He shakes his head and offers me a baldric for the blade and a chest harness. “That is your bond dagger, protect both your lives with the weapon.”

The Hean priestess then performs her ceremonies to our three gods; binding us in matrimony. This process taking over two hours, finishing with her tying our wrists together completing the service.

Angel hugs us both and a Gov agent sitting silently at the table motions us over.

As we sit with him, he utters, “Eren and Es House, your documents are ready for your bond registration in matrimony. Once you sign the documents signifying your agreements, I’ll sign Esmelda’s avoidance of sterilization for her ambassadorial duties, completing the registration documents.”

We say nothing about our new marriage last name as we sign.

Lezmor 20 of 78

With a deep yawn, I peer at Es. Angel had moved our belongings to an enormous bedroom with a queen size down-filled mattress. She informed us after the ceremonies that as per gnoll custom we will have the next three days to enjoy before being returned home to my house to live as a couple – if that is our choice at that time.

I’m curious and suspicious as to Angel’s motives. But not really knowing gnoll customs I gave her benefits of doubt.

I dress as quiet and swift as I can, leaving the room to find Tol.

Later in half-an-hour in the great hall, I meet the palomino gnoll after having commed him to join me there.

Sitting drinking mulled wine; and eating from a cheese dish. “Tell me Tol, is it the custom of gnolls to spend three days in relaxation celebrating after marriage?”

Looking over at me as he picks up a block of soured goat’s cheese to eat. “No Amino. Usually, families allow couples one day of freedom from work.”

Giving the gnoll a single nod, I surmise the various reasons for the vacation. My home is no longer my home.

“Amino … one other thing … it’s not meant to disturb the two of you … but I’ve been assigned to move into your residence with you, I’ll be paying you rent of course … and working at Friend House Tower. But I’ll be residing at your home with you … a security precaution you are aware.”

This ends this episode part 1 of Eren’s Challenge written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 017 part 2, ‘Iridescent Housing Beetle.’


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