MK-ULTRA Mind Control Programming: Porcelain Face Programing

I have encountered many videos and sites about MK-Ultra mind control programming, and I now realize that there are many programs, such as Monarch. Today, while watching YouTube videos, I came across a video about Porcelain Face Programming for the first time, which is actually Trauma Bonding programming.

I displayed the same person with the disorder under different personalities, and it is interesting to see how her personality and voice changes when she is someone else.

#7 Same DID Person under a different Personality, Angel

I wasn’t going to watch another video, but this video comes up, and Serenity Rayne is now Angel in this video, in which she sounds really different from the previous video where she was Ashley. It is interesting that her father called and said some trigger code that had to do with “missing,” and something in her thoughts went missing for a while.


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