MK-ULTRA Mind Control Programming: Porcelain Face Programing

I have encountered many videos and sites about MK-Ultra mind control programming, and I now realize that there are many programs, such as Monarch. Today, while watching YouTube videos, I came across a video about Porcelain Face Programming for the first time, which is actually Trauma Bonding programming.

I displayed the same person with the disorder under different personalities, and it is interesting to see how her personality and voice changes when she is someone else.

#1 Monarch Mind-Control : Porcelain Face Programming

It has to do with trauma-based programming, which involves fire and other torture. Such trauma involves dehumanizing the victim in order to a submissive slave.  In this video, this girl appears to have multiple personalities because as she is talking, her voice suddenly changes to a different voice and personality. She states that she gets flashbacks of her other personalities’ experiences.

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#2 5 Types of Trauma Bonding

The 5 Types of Trauma Bonding

  1. Stockholm Syndrome occurs when victim falls in love with her kidnapper.
  2. Cognitive Dissonance occurs when a tension is created from two opposing thoughts.
  3. Repetitive Compulsive Disorder occurs when someone becomes addicted to something.
  4. Peptide Addiction is the connection between the brain and body, and how it all works.
  5. Infantile Regression has to do with clinging to a parent when you feel helpless, hopeless and needy.

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#3 DID: Switching and Rapid Cycling

Project Monarch/DID/BETA Programming involves switching and rapid cycling between different personalities. This video is creepy because this girl keeps changing into her different personalities, and her voice changes. Serenity, Ashley, Cassie, Ruby, Violet, and many other voices and personalities are coming out on this video that I think she would make a good actress. I now understand how probably some actors are able to get into character.

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  • Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID
  • Original Personality and Alters, and Switching happens when DID victim goes from one personality to another.
  • Sometimes, the first original personality isn’t aware of the other Alters.
  • It can happen to anyone, but it mostly happens to American children.
  • Mild Dissociation has to do with daydreaming and mind wandering. But DID is a severe version of this Mild Dissociation.
  • Men and women with this order tend to act differently, and men tend to become violent.
  • Many people with this disorder have experienced some kind of abuse, such as extreme neglect and emotional abuse when they were kids. Some these people might also have experienced sexual and physical abuse.
  • The younger the kid experiences these trauma-based abuse, the greater the dissociation.
  • In some cases, one of the personalities might have suicidal thoughts, tendencies or suicidal attempts.
  • They tend to be sexually promiscuous.
  • There is no cure for this disorder, although therapy helps.
  • Some possible therapies that help include hypnotherapy, talk therapy, and art and movement therapy, and each personality will be treated individually. (This reminds me of the movie Sybil, in which I think that character, played by Sally Field, had many personalities).
  • It can take a long time to diagnose this disorder. (This reminds me of the movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, in which the main character wasn’t properly diagnosed by her psychiatrist, and the she was given medication that wasn’t really helping her. Since she was Roman Catholic, she went to her priest for help. He took her off her current medication in order to perform an exorcism. During the exorcism, the character experienced an epileptic seizure and died. This movie was loosely based on a true story of a 19-year-old German girl who was Roman Catholic. Names were changed, and her real name wasn’t Emily Rose because I researched the real person on the internet a couple years ago).
  • People with this disorder don’t trust others as well as they fear rejection.
  • Switching happens when the person feels they are being threatened, and they search out an identity who can better handle the current situation.

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#5 Continued List about Dissociative Identity Disorder

16.Symptoms include at least two or more other personalities and some amnesia. They also experience some kind of distress. 

17.It is illegal to have sex with someone who is mentally ill, especially with this disorder, because not all personalities might agree to it, and it could be considered rape with the other personalities who refused. Wow, this is confusing. 

18.Be supportive and helpful with these people by helping them avoid switching. Help them become comfortable in their current situation so that they don’t need to switch to a personality that can help them deal with the current situation. 

19.They have experience memory gaps and past traumas that lead to such memory issue. 

20.A woman in London lives with 100 different personalities, and she has learned to deal with all of them by living a normal life. She wrote a book about her experience, All of Me by Kim Noble. 

21.Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and DID might be confused for each other. But they are actually very different. Schizophrenia has to do with hallucinations and delusions. Bipolar is manic depression, and has to do with mood swings. And, both of these disorders don’t have multiple personalities. 

22.DID people have to make special precautions because they need to take care of different personalities; and, each of these personalities might be a different age with a specific need. They often need to take notes for reminders to help them remember things. 

23.Roseanne Barr, a very annoying celebrity and an idiot, has 7 different personalities, which didn’t really help her much with her acting career because she sucks. There goes my theory that DID people would make good actors. Every time I see her on TV, she is the same piece of shit. She should have called the other personalities to come out and help her do certain roles. 

24.DID people aren’t necessarily dangerous. They are more likely to harm themselves than other people because they are likely to feel frustrated with their disorder. 

25.This disorder is come, and appears to be subtle. You might not recognize it in someone right away. It might be confused for other disorders, or it might be associated with substance abuse.


MK-Ultra Mind Control Programming is about controlling one’s brain and thoughts with a remote control, such as triggers or codes, to turn the victim into a robotic slave. It was started by the CIA in the 50s, and it is often used by the government to create spies, assassins, and handlers who will do their dirty work for them. Many celebrities have been sex slaves, and I agree that Jon Benet Ramsay died in a similar way. She was probably being programmed to be a sex kitten for performing on stage, and it lead to her death.

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#7 Same DID Person under a different Personality, Angel

I wasn’t going to watch another video, but this video comes up, and Serenity Rayne is now Angel in this video, in which she sounds really different from the previous video where she was Ashley. It is interesting that her father called and said some trigger code that had to do with “missing,” and something in her thoughts went missing for a while.

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#8 DID Person Under Ashley personality Explaining her Experiences

In this video, Serenity Rayne is actually the Ashley personality describing her experiences, memory lapses during the switching, and how she deals with situations.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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