Subliminal Mind Control in Music

As I listen to his video, I remember some of the musicians during the seventies. I used to read Tiger Beat magazine when I was a kid, mostly because many teen idols were in the magazines, and I used to watch most of the on television, such as Brady kids, Partridge family, Donny & Marie, and Jackson 5. I noticed that some of the celebrities looked satanic, such as Alice Cooper, KISS, and others.

This video mentions many MK-Ultra mind control symbolism and witchcraft embedded in certain songs.

And, nowadays, due to their desperation to start the New World Order totalitarian society, the symbolism has become more obvious and in-your-face, as they continue to push their satanic agenda on the public. The internet has helped expose this shit to educate others. So, the internet could be another reason why this satanic symbolism is becoming more obvious to many people.


What do you think?

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