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Thursday, 1.23.20

I found another Cats 2019 movie review. This Youtuber liked it, and she explains the Cats movie. She explains it well. She should narrate books for a living. She watched this movie three times. This review is entertaining. 


What do you think?

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    • i have seen both. and, i wanted to see the movie to compare it with the musical for fun. i think it was mostly similar because the story is sad and depressing, but made different because one is a musical on stage, comprised mostly of singing and dancing, and the other is a movie with cgi costumes, and whimsical movie scenes to depict their lifestyle as jessicle cats.

    • i have seen both. same sad story but performed differently because one is a musical and one is a movie. i didnt have any problems with the movie because i didnt have any expectations. i just wanted to compare it to the musical. i thought the movie was done with whimsical scenes, like Alice in Wonderland and wizard of oz, but each cat sings its story to the newly abandoned cat Victoria to help her adapt to her new life on the streets, which is sad and depressing. that is why they each wanted to die in order to live a new life from their 9 Lives, and maybe comeback into a good home, like my Gumby.

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