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Larry King was in a Coma After Stroke…

Sunday, December 1, 2019

This video was posted on November 28th, noting that Larry King was in a coma for several weeks after having a stroke in March. He is now improving, except for his left foot. He hopes to be really walking by Christmas.

In April, he had heart surgery after he had angina. It appears he has had heart problems since 1987, where he had his first heart attack, which led him to do a quadruple bypass surgery.

In 2017, he got Lung Cancer, but in the beginning stages. So, he had surgery in July 2017 in LA.

But he still has goals to accomplish, although he already accomplished a lot of work.

All these issues might be the result of his divorce in August. He had been married for 22 years, reproducing two sons, Chance who is now 20 and Cannon is now 19. His wife, 60-year-old Shawn, is his 7th wife of eight marriages. He also has three other kids from previous marriages.

He has had health problems since 1987. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly dies in 2020. 


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