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Kim's Joke of the Day

Kim’s Joke of the Day:

Yeah, I’d probably freak out too if a raven flew into my house… That poem still holds up.

Ah the great Edgar Allan Poe… and one of my favorite poems by him.  

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary… 

 How would you feel if you heard a rapping just beyond the curtain to a window, you check to see what it is and in walked an ebony bird, saying Nevermore… 

Was it just a dream, was he pushed over the edge and driven to madness from his deep despair over having lost his beloved Lenore? Did it really happen? Crows can speak. ; ) 

Anyway, this poem still holds up. : ) Have a great day and remember to SMILE? 


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    • The do show up in a lot of scary movies, books etc. They are so smart, and my friend had a pet that could no longer fly, he could talk as well as any parrot.