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Katy Perry stole a song


Katy Perry has been a pop superstar over the past two decades.  However, she was told by a jury that her song “Dark Horse” was copyright infringement of the Christian rap song “Joyful Noise” that was performed by Christian rappers Flame and Lecrae and co-written by Flame and Da Truth.

The infringement occurred due to Katy Perry stealing the entire beat from Joyful Noise to use in her song Dark Horse.  The problem is that a copyright lasts 17 years.  Joyful Noise was made in 2008 while Dark Horse was made in 2013 which is only a five year difference.

When you listen to the video clip of both songs, then you will hear that the beat is exactly the same.  Katy Perry should have settled this matter out of court because she will now have to pay way more money than if she would have worked out a settlement.

The ironic thing about this infringement is that Katy Perry used to be a singer of Christian music before she moved on to pop music.


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