Not Every Cat is a Lion: Hillarious Scared Cats Compilation

Check out the funny video of scared cats of literally, everything!


Cats are funny creatures, looking like little lions, but afraid of almost everything. They are afraid of objects that move rapidly, have unusual shape, or objects that they don’t fully understand. They might go scared of strange toys, even plastic fish. It is funny that they are sometimes more scared of a cucumber than of a dog. Who can understand them?!

Even though is utterly funny to watch scared cats that run away from a cucumber, or other object or situation, the pet experts recommend to be very careful with your pets and not to scare them intentionally. Pranks or any other jokes that actually scare them may lead to long- term stress. Therefore, if you notice that your cat is scared by new, unknown objects and has weird reactions, try to introduce new objects gradually. Eventually, the cat will become more aware of new things around her and become fearless.


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Written by Ana

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