Growing A Tree Is Not The Only Thing You Can Do With Avocado Pit

The Internet was overloaded with the idea of planting an avocado tree from a seed. Everyone had gone crazy about it. I believe that you had a glass with a pit half submerged in water, waiting for your tree to come up. Yes, indeed these were everyone’s favorite. But, growing a little tree is not the only thing that you can do with a leftover pit from an avocado. This girl does the most amazing thing ever. She turns ordinary avocado pits into stunning sculptures! Carving a little thing such as a pit is a tricky thing for sure. But the outcome looks incredible! These are made as necklace pendants. These are so unique pieces of art that will catch everyone’s eye!You will be amazed by how detailed these carved pits are. You will see different shapes on these little “canvases”.

So what’s the story behind? One girl loved avocados so much. Because of that, she had lots of avocado pits. Besides the ordinary process of growing tree, she decided to make something different and unique. Seeing the different patterns and lines in the seed, she decided that it will be a good idea to carve something. And that’s how she gave life to avocado pits, but in a different way.

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Written by Kristina


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