Glides Made for Walking

I knew if I bought these funny glides for my walker I would be off it soon.  Actually that was sort of the point!  So I’ll miss my Virily friends, but now that I’m walking on my own two feet again I am going away to celebrate where phones don’t work, to hear only the sounds of nature.  After I hit the beach again, that is.  And guess what? I may stop and visit with a Virily friend on the way to my “castle.”  I met her on myLot quite a few years ago and have seen her in person once before.  Then I followed her here.   I am looking forward to seeing her again.

My desert rat friends are a bit envious that I am going somewhere that it cools off at night.  After three weeks of triple digit weather, I don’t mind having to go, but although I camp along the way, it is a business trip.  Hope to catch up on all the Virily news in a week or so.


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Written by Ann Hartley

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