Friday is Funday

Friday is Funday

Sunday is Funday but Friday is not as bad, Let me assure you that I read your post before posting my comments guys. (I mean I am not just clicking and making points here lol.

Some of the many comments I read on every writing sites always had me in stitches. I even laughed aloud when some of those comments caught me off-guard and even making my wife suspicious about my mental health.

Why is that people look at me funny for laughing uncontrollably. The reason is some off topic comments that people write without reading posts properly.

I think some of the comments come from people who didn’t read the context. I think we need to read a little more then only the title (But we read title first) because some of our assumptions are not really there.

I have yet to read one such comment on this site barring a few stray incidents but nothing that missed the point seriously. Let me admit I have myself done couple of such mistakes but not as grossly as I read some of the comments on my posts and on some other posts.


Or maybe they do it intentionally for the sake of points awarded for their comments.  I know, I lack intelligence and then ramble on their misunderstanding. But I promise to read every word before I’ll post my next comment.


What do you think?

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