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Flying Wave Original Music! by Rachael Alice Orbach

I wrote this song using a music writing software from Aspire Music Master Works, then I changed the format to mp3 using Harmony Assistant, and then I made it into a video using Camtasia.

I work with the music note by note and put each note on the staff where it “feels” right.  Then I put another track that sounds good, note by note, put a bass line, and finally I put the drum track.

It is a fun but long process to make a video like this.  I wanted pictures of birds, so I went to Pixaby and download free pictures from that site. You can look and see the results here.  Here is my personal website that has some of the things that I am doing now. If you go to my channel,  and subscribe, you can see all the videos that I have done in the past.  The ones from the last two weeks are the best work that I have ever done so far. So go there and enjoy! Subscribe to get 1st notification of new songs.


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