Everything Must Go Review

Alright, this is my first book review and possibly my last! We shall see….

I could not put this book down! It’s a YA genre, but very interesting. The format is emails, journal entries and letters. I love a book that can tell a great story this way!

Since it’s not due out until October, I’m not saying anything else about it. You’ll have to read this one yourself! You will not regret it!


What do you think?


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        • The thing is you act like she’s trying to push sales. That’s not the case. She’s a reader who really enjoyed the book she read and doesn’t know how much she can say being as it doesn’t even release until next month. Instead of negatively viewing everything as an endorsement and a way to shove things down your throat, maybe you should keep an open mind. I see comments like yours all the time. Full of negativity and judgment. Nobody can do anything without hearing how horrible their actions and words were from people like you.

          • I don’t act like anything, you’re dressing me like a villain. I said it wasn’t much of a review because it wasn’t. She praised the book so I called it an endorsement; what would you call it?

            Nobody can do anything without hearing misguided complaints from people like you

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