Eren’s Challenge, E023 Part two, White Ship Cabin

Eren’s Challenge

Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 023, White Ship Cabin

With InUPress

Written on March 9, 2018 

Part one published on Virily on April 10, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on April 17, 2018.

We now continue with Eren’s Challenge episode 023, part two, ‘White Ship Cabin,’ on …

Trondel 4 of 78

As I’m about to close the door, a shorter heavier man blurts out as he’s passing by. “Have you heard? … our Ambassador to the gnoll worlds was just found dead in her home this morning … the news said it was an assassination by the Black Circle gang.”

I grimace, knowing the media feed that Omega and I discussed before I agreed to her plan. With my agreeing to her plan, she had released Tol back to us unharmed, erasing all records in the security monitoring of our being there at the estate and giving the gate guard a healthy incentive to forget who had been there that night.

It took Tol two days to recover from the ounce of brandy I had fed him. Even his paramour complained how he wasn’t performing up to usual for the two days and she blames me. So, chalk up the experience, now knowing that gnolls can’t handle alcohol.

Turning to the bearer of the news I utter, “that’s so terrible. Goes to show … no one is safe!”

Closing our door, I turn to Es, repeating, “no one!”

We dress for supper as it is 8 o’clock now, almost meal time at the Captain’s table.

As I’m putting on my dinner jacket, I hear a crinkle sound in my pocket. Reaching in I pull out an old-fashioned note paper with barely legible script scrawled in a few lines.


Meet us in the aft shuffle deck, by the wading pool.

There will be three of us waiting at 11 on your first day

Aboard the Trojan.

Don’t miss us.


Nice, already there’s trouble. I don’t get to rest at all it appears.

I show the note to Es.

Looking at the paper I jest, “trouble with a capital T?”

Shivering, Es asks, “you bring Synthia?”

I grin evilly. “Don’t travel without her. Have her on now, I don’t put her in the luggage.”

She sits, now finished dressing and making herself up. “When will mine be ready?”

Turning to Es to console her, I sit next to her with my arm draped across her shoulder, embracing my Sweet. “It takes about thirty days to build the suit, then we’ll go for a customization fitting and wait another twenty days or so. I ordered your suit the day before we left in that luxury lorry.”

She fakes an obviously false smile. “Do they call when it’s time?”


She nods once, standing she says, “let’s meet the Captain and eat.”


The Captain sat Es to his left and me, left of her. I notice his elbow and hand do a little wandering while he talks after they sit beside each other.

Es moves slightly closer to me without a word.

There are eight of us at the table for the meeting, and the conversation is pretty drool. Starting out with weather and brief introductions. No one is really interesting. I’d heard of them all. The Captain, me, Es and several business tycoons of one sort or another.

Then some know-it-all blurts out, “Hey! You know this system has gone for shit … it’s not safe anywhere. Ambassador Violoi was assassinated right in her living room without her two armed guards even being alerted … professionally trained guards who were standing right outside her front door … you believe that shit?”

The Captain grimaces then ask, “are you serious? Esmelda is her assistant … what did you hear Esmelda?”

Shuddering visibly, Es replies, “that is why we’re here. A safety getaway. The Gov Watch believes I may be a target as well.”

The Captain visibly shies away from Es a few centimetres in his seat.

The blabbermouth utters, “do you think you’re safe here?”

Pointing to me, Es responds, “Eren is Special Forces. He’s here as my guardian.”

All this is as intended by Omega, and myself.

Omega introduces me to a bit of new tech before I left the manor which includes a beta test laser pistol from Tectonic Industries and a personal concealment generator from Jubo Inc., also in beta field testing. Both are equipped with new muon-fusion powered batteries from Kiye Dee Research Industries being run in field tests as well.

Omega outstrips any resources I ever expected to achieve, and she expects one Gor of a lot in return. I’m not certain I feel the Amber Calendar was as challenging. I rate Es and my lifespan to be in months now – if not days.

But there are a few issues where I discovered we need to succeed, and Angel doesn’t even rank on the list. We’re targeting the Black Circle in using them as victims – as diversions from our intended route. But how to snake our way into the holes we need to be now, to satisfy Omega and Angel, to give ourselves that 1% chance to survive this nest of vipers?

I turn to the Captain. “I hear Tax Assessment manager Havar booked passage on this cruise. I’d like to have him invited to the table if I might!”

This ends this Eren’s Challenge episode 023, ‘White Ship Cabin,’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 024, ‘Rose Press Commute,’ …

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