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Eren’s Challenge, E017, part 2, Iridescent Housing Beetle

Eren’s Challenge

By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 017, ‘Iridescent Housing Beetle’

With InUPress

Written on January 16, 2018.

Part 1 published on Virily, January 31, 2018.

Part 2 published on Virily, February 7, 2018.

We now continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 017 part 2, ‘Iridescent Housing Beetle.’ …

Lezmor 20 of 78

Damn, the nest has become even more infested. The mites have gotten bigger and meaner. Tol, though a gnoll apprentice, being a former servant, is small as gnolls go, standing at 6’ 10” and just under three-hundred pounds, I’d say.

It’s pretty easy to estimate a gnoll’s size as they wear little for clothing or gear usually. Typically, just leggings of some sort and a belt pouch.

Tol has the additional items of a silver necklace with a three-inch golden half star on it. As well as a large silver setting, three carats, pear cut emerald earring in his left ear.

I feel comfortable with Tol, even knowing he has been assigned as my watcher. He has honestly answered my questions I’ve dared to ask him. A normal person might ask him the questions I’m thinking. But then they’d likely end up with a shortened lifespan – drastically shortened.

I have the feeling Tol has a lot of answers I want, and Angel may well know this. What is special about Tol that she put us together? Why does she let me live, and Es as well?

With a stiff shake of my head, it results in an inner rattle that gets no answer other than brief dizziness. “Running Gor … tell me what I’m supposed to be doing?”

Clearing his throat, the gnoll bows. “You’re doing it … learning and relaxing.”

Damn it he’s cryptic while directly answering me. I need to be more general or specific I think.

Enough! This roast grouse looks divine in its butter herb sauce. Picking at the roast grouse’s breast meat, I chew a few tender bits as they melt in my mouth with each bite. Marveling at Angel’s cook’s expertise. Looking at the bacon hash browns and I can’t help but smile, are they as good as mine? Dishing two scoops onto my plate, in any case, I then shovel a forkful into my mouth, and a tear comes to my eye. I need to meet the cook.

“TOL!” After I swallow. “Introduce me to Angel’s cook.”

A wide grin creeps across the evil gnoll’s maw.

Bursting out in a gut-deep belly laugh I drop my fork and try to squeak out. “St … stop!”

Grimacing now the gnoll stares at me as I hear footsteps behind my chair. A hand offers me a glass of refreshment. Looking at the giant paw; even for a gnoll’s, it’s huge, I know from the size and blue fur who it is.

Accepting the glass, I take a few sips to relax as Tol asks, “What happened?”

A deep guttural Goran voice answers. “No grin … bad reaction.”

“Huh? … okay, odd.” Is the palomino’s reply.

Jut sits next to me. “You have complaint my food?”

With two quick shakes of my head I gather my breath and voice, I respond. “No, Master Jut … compliments. I trained under master chefs in renown restaurants. And I’ve not tasted food as good as yours … not even my own.”

A solid thump with a slap to my back. A grin starts to creep across his snoot, but as the lips start to lift across his teeth he quickly drops them; instead saying, “Sorry … almost. But thank you. I practice. We not always eat raw.”

“I’d like to know your secrets. May I study with you sometime?”

He shakes his massive two-foot-long head. “No! … practice in preparation, timing and heat, make the food – before use spices.”

Es arrives and is shocked as she does a double take stepping back viewing me and Jut in an easy conversation. She settles in on my opposites side from Jut to dish herself a plate of breakfast and soon is eating. She begins mumbling soft moans of satisfaction.

Jut, and I chuckle as the massive gnoll stands and pats my shoulder then gestures to the platter of poached eggs. “Eat!”

Who can refuse a gnoll who stands over eight feet tall and weighs around four-hundred-pounds? One who is quite possibly the best cook on our world.

I dig in taking a double helping and watch Es do likewise. 

Lezmor 23 of 78

We literally and seriously enjoy three days of luxury bliss under the care of Jut’s and Angel’s staff at Ofstich Friend House.

Esmelda and I really didn’t want to leave the nightly fragrant oiled baths and heated oil massages. The gourmet meals prepared by Jut. The daily conversations while relaxing sunning along with Jut in the Orchid Garden discussing the gnoll homeworlds and their culture as well as politics.

We discovered that he was a mechanical technician back home, for over fifty terms. Also, that he has his doctorate degrees in three technical sciences including fusion mechanics.

I said there’s no such things, but he showed us the documents and tried to explain the workings to us. Confusing the Gor out of me after a point.

Jut informed us that fusion mechanics is what their ship’s systems are designed around.

For all his ruthlessness, he showed us compassion and a great time; treating us as equals and guests. He showed us his intelligence and education in a humble fashion.

Now the servants have loaded Es’, Tol’s, and my belongings into the Lavender Lorie Lounge.

Angel kindly rented the beast to us for six-thousand credits for our ride home.

I chose to take up the entire bill for the three of us.

This ends this Eren’s Challenge episode written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

To be continued in the next Eren’s Challenge episode 018, ‘Irreverent Green Runt.’

© 2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

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