Morgus E011, Teal Panther Hexagon, Part One


By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 011, ‘Teal Hexagon Panther’

Written on July 17, 2017

Part one published on Virily on February 12, 2018.

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Winter 8 Unicorn

Observing Square’s ragged breathing, Morgus’ decisions narrow: the healer, or the priests? Hez and Hon are both trained healers. With Square weighing about eighty-pounds, Morgus isn’t keen on carrying Square the three-kilometres to the local healers, or the one kilometre to Hessan. Making his decision, Morgus leaves Square and runs towards Hessan’s, to fetch the three priests and a wagon.


The four of them swiftly travel north on Drescol to find Square and the dead brigands. Arriving they discover, Square and one of the brigands are still living.

Hon quickly kneels to assess the large wounded yellow dog. He looks up at Morgus asking, “You burnt Square?”

Glancing forlorn at the ground near his feet, Morgus nods, softly saying, “Unfortunately, she was too close to the fire burst and got caught in the spears. Yeah, I burnt my companion. Can you save her?”

Gently Hon tries to lift the raggedly breathing dog. Grunting under the weight, the tall priest manages to raise the dog off the ground to hold the limp prone figure. Carrying Square, Hon lays her in the back of the wagon, along with the two corpses that Henden and Gendal have already placed in the wagon.

Hon commands, “Be gentle near her. No more injuries, as she may not survive more damages.” Glaring at Morgus, Hon says, “You need to be more careful who you’re burning, Master. You said one of these still lives?”

Pointing to a nineteen-year-old Jalmal with major third and second degree burns to a significant portion of his body, Morgus utters, “This one still breathes … if you want to call him living.”

Immediately kneeling to check the vitality of the lad, Hon tries to revive him but fails. He says to Morgus. “Help me load him up. I need decent facilities to treat him. He needs cleaning, salves, ointments, and bandages, along with herbal concoctions. He’ll be long in healing with results in almost total body scarring. Unlike Square, who took a shaft of fire, this boy received burns to full coverage of body areas. He’ll never fully recover from some of this if he survives.”

Together, they less than gently load the errant burnt brigand onto the wagon, along with his four brethren’s corpses.


Having arrived back at Hessan, with permission of Larap to perform Right of Passage, ending with burials in the district’s cemetery, the corpses were unloaded into the back of the manor’s chapel, while the burn victim was locked in a small cell in the cellar of the manor.

Square was taken up to Morgus’ office and placed on her mat for ministrations as needed by Hon, for as long as necessary – all with Larap’s blessing, as long as Morgus pays for it all out of his own coffers.

The Right of passages cost Morgus 200.00 coin, and the healing costs Morgus five coin per patient per day. A small price to pay for walking away alive from an assault by five armoured and well-armed street brigands.

There might be rewards for their capture, but their faces are burnt beyond recognition, so that is out of the question for Morgus.

Also, Baron Hessan’s horse returned to the corral gate, still bleeding and with green war darts still protruding from its hide.


Evening meal had been quite animated, with a discussion of Morgus’ adventure, while he lamented on his failure to see Leza today, and about almost losing Square after such a short time. Morgus requested a meeting with Baron Larap Hessan, and Ada arranged it.


The two men now sit in the extravagant office by the fireplace. They are drinking from fine crystal goblets, enjoying red wine from Larap’s 100.00 coin a green bottle.

Sternly, Morgus addresses Larap. “I think we should turn the rat in. Let someone else deal with his healing and justice.”

Laughing, Larap sets his goblet on the arm of his soft padded chair, asking, “Why not save everyone trouble and just kill him … or let him die? It is the best solution.”

Shaking his head violently, Morgus then replies, “I may do shady things … I may even kill people in self-defence, but I draw the line at killing individuals who are unable to defend themselves.”

Nodding twice, Larap suggests, “Then take him to the Teal Hexagon.”

Peering sidelong at Larap, Morgus asks, “The Teal Hexagon?”

Shifting to face Morgus, Larap says, “Yes, the City Watch’s district royal court. Drop the boy off on them. I suggest you leave the kid with the judge known as The Panther. The wench deserves the case.”

Glaring questioningly at his benefactor, Morgus inquires, “You have issues with her?”

Shivering with a whole-body quiver, Larap replies, “On the contrary. I believe she’s the one who’ll deal best with him … and she owes me a few favours. Besides even at forty-nine, she’s still really pretty. So, I give her all the work I can.”

Laughing, Morgus winks. “So, you’re not all business … or evil!”

Winking, Larap replies slyly, “Nope.”

Shifting his body to face his baron better, Morgus asks, “May I use the carriage tomorrow to haul the dead weight ass over there?”


Shocked, sitting back, Morgus carefully asks, “The wagon and team?”


Confused, Morgus asks, “How am I supposed to get an unconscious body to another location, which is where, by the way?”

Leaning forward with a grim expression, as one hand taps the arm of his chair, Larap says, “Mage Morgus, how you get the body to the Teal Hexagon at 1119 Lorest Avenue, which is to the east of the City Watch Post on the east side of Loren Square and Market, is up to you. You’re not using my equipment though, as you’ve used my resources freely way too much.”

Getting the gist of the message, Morgus answers, “Yes, Master. I’ll be off the property tomorrow, seeking a wagon team to rent.”

Nodding once, Larap picks up his goblet of wine while saying, “Fair enough, Boyo.”

Winter 9 Unicorn

Having slept poorly from the pain of his wounds and from worrying about Square, Morgus rises even earlier than usual, trying to figure out where he’d fetch a wagon team from. Platters come to mind. So, as he sits with Larap for their usual morning meeting, Morgus tells his master: “I’m headed to the Platter Holding to see if I can rent their wagon team. Hon has Square conscious and mobile enough. The hound was wagging her tail this morning before I came to see you. Did you notice the townsmen were at Hez’s morning services to Imvor?”

Coughing a few times, Larap covers his mouth with a free hand, while holding a quill and trying to scribe with the other. “Of course I noticed the intruders. At least, Ada has them scrubbing their boots before entering.”

Motioning freely, Morgus adds, “And they pay tithes to the chapel. Perhaps consider constructing a Temple to Imvor and keeping the priests on after the wight threat is over?”

This ends part 1 of Morgus episode 011, ‘Teal Hexagon Panther,’ written by,

Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you! 

©2017 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

To be continued in the next Morgus episode 011, part 2, ‘Teal Hexagon Panther,’ …


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