Eren’s Challenge, E015 part 1, Lavender Lorie Lounge

Eren’s Challenge

By Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 015, ‘Lavender Lorie Lounge’

With InUPress

Wrote on, November 27, 2017.

Part 1 published on Virily on, January 16, 2018. 

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Lezmor 17 of 78

I sit on the couch next to a shivering Es.

She asks me, “What was in the Red Paper Book you gave Unhrah? I’ve never seen that gnoll grin so big before … I thought the medtechs we’re going to have to anesthetize you or something to bring you back from your laughter. And Unhrah was so excited she all but did a dance after reading the book with a glance. It looked like you had thirty or so pages in there.”

I kiss her soft plump lips, I am tingling all over, gently squeezing her hand. Leaning back, I ask, “Do you believe in Brownies or Fairies? I do … especially after the gnoll’s Arrival. I may have garnered huge brownie points with my fairy godmother – lieutenant Unhrah. She came to us for the battle with Lo … though a bit late … but with the elevators being what they are, I’m surprised she arrived as quick as she did … which reminds me. What the Gor were you doing in the Meditation room with me?”

Leaning over to kiss me again, Es wraps her arms around me. Uttering softly, “I knew what you were up to. I saw all your signing to Angel and Unhrah. So as soon as you left the room, I begged Angel to let me use the second elevator to follow you saying I had something I wanted to discuss … she ‘kindly’ acknowledged me and approved my use of the second elevator the fiftieth floor. I walked in on Lo killing you.”

I blurt out, “Nearly killing us both.”

She embraces me tightly, bringing a twinge to my arm. Even after the gnoll healing, it still twinges with pressures. The healing is mostly a miracle, but not a full miracle.

I kiss her nose, nipping it gently. Then I say as she leans back smirking, “You in the mood to procreate?”

She shakes her head as a tear slides down her cheek, her smile suddenly upside down. Looking at my chest as Es runs the fingers of one hand down the line of silver buttons on my sports shirt, she squeaks out, “There’ll be no procreating for us I’m afraid. As part of my joining the government’s ambassador’s corp, I was sterilized.”

Lifting her chin to look into her eyes, I wink while smirking mischievously. “You were sterilized … the gnolls are wonderous techs and believe in procreation. They reversed the procedure … for a cost though. I believe your reward was reduced five-thousand credits. But then you haven’t had time to check your finances … you are about twenty-five k credits richer after our Amber Calendar event reward, and the medical bills were deducted.”

Slapping my shoulder hard enough I’m betting she left a red welt, Es glares at me, asking, “Are you serious? Really! … I’ll lose my job!”

Shaking my head as I rub my shoulder. “Under article J78-274-112 of the Ambassador Career employee act, if you are married … you’re exempt from the sterilization enforcement stricture.”

Leaning to the side, against the sofa, Es eyes me like a vicious hunting tiger does eyeing a doe Rungle Deer while stalking her prey. She asks, “Is that your crude perverted way of proposing to me? So soon?”

Shuddering my whole body violently, I shake my head and answer. “No! … it’s Angel’s way of guaranteeing we continue to work together. Personally, I prefer my independence … the ability to choose to freely move on.”

With a throaty sigh, she leans forward. “I like the hunt and trapping … she did it well. I like my prize for playing well. I accept … when do we get married?”

I cough as she is about to kiss me again, lifting my arm to show my com. “I connect to Angel’s Amber com number and before she answers … I enter 2717 then disconnect. We’ll be picked up in the morning.”

Reaching for my arm, Es dials Angel’s Amber connection then enters 2717 when the gnoll picks up, and then disconnects the connection. Grinning cheek-to-cheek the whole time.

I’m trying not to pull my arm away, trying not to resist.

Turning back to me Es says, “I think this makes us partners now … in many ways. You’ll need to meet my employer soon.”

Closing my eyes tight crushing my lips shut before speaking, I then blurted out, “I have to tell you … your ambassador … he’s running a criminal organization, which I’ve been thwarting. I thought you might be here to stop me … but I don’t think you know what your boss is doing really … do you? He’s the Trump of the Gosimere Finger.”

Staring blankly at me a moment, all the blood leaves Es’ face. Moving away from me with tears welling up in her eyes as she stammers, “I … I’m so … sorry. I told him … we’re working together. To try to st … stop criminals … he smiled and said … ‘that’s great, Esmelda. Can I help?’ I thought he wanted to help … I really did. I told him I was coming to your place.”

My turn to turn whiter than new white bed sheets. ‘So, whose observation devices are those in my house? The ones I’m feeding white noise.

I swallow hard as I wonder if I found them all? What about my system’s security? Both Angel and the Ambassador have teams of crack coders working 20/6 for them on this stuff. I’m no match, no matter how good of coding I cut.

We’re screwed as long as we stay in our places during and for work. In fact, staying in any place for a full day if we want privacy. Unless we sit in our enemies/friend’s houses.

Lezmor 18 of 78

Watching the van pull up, I marvel at the Lavender Lorie from Friend House Tower. It is over sixty-feet long and twelve feet wide, and I wonder if it scrapes its roof when it’s going under overpasses. The sixteen rear wheels seem hardly enough to hold the beast off the pavement.

Es stares in wonder also, eyes wide, mouth agape, drool dripping from one corner of her mouth.

I answer her question, “According to Angel’s text, the Lavender Lorie is our matrimonial lounge ride to the Friend House Estate of Angel’s which is set outside Goral. That is where the gnoll priest and Hean priestess will perform both the bonding ceremonies and the Gov’s judicial bureaucrat will sign the documents for our marriage and your sterilization avoidance document.”

Sputtering she says with awed response, ‘Bu … but it’s … like … well. Extravagant …. palatial … for us?”

Lifting our overnight bags and starting to walk toward the open doubles doors at the midsection, I nod, again, “Yes, according to Angel. For this trip.”

This ends this Star Grean episode 015, ‘Lavender Lorie Lounge’ written by, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

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