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One of Enrique Iglesias’ most successful songs. In the last few months of the 1990s, the Latin Pop was truly a “bomb” with tremendous firepower when it was played on the radio, bringing the No.1 Billboard Hot 100 to Enrique. . The song is so successful that sometimes mentioning Enrique Iglesias, one has to think of “Bailamos”. One thing that little one knows, Enrique has started his music career since 1994, but by the time of his debut, Bailamos was really popular with US-UK fans. It was his first single released in the US market.”Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over the Bailamos. Te Quiero. “The song was featured on the hit” Wild Wild West, “a 1999 film starring Will Smith. teamed up with director Nigel Dick to film an MV with more interesting content than the original version with the appearance of hot female dancers.


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