weirdest death causes

Did you know what are the 5 weirdest death causes?

1.  Sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse


The heart attacks induced by a sexual intercourse are among the leading death causes among males above the age of 30.

So, in all honesty, there are many men who definitely like to kill themselves after a certain age. Some Jamaican medical reports show that there are dozens of naked men that are rushed into emergency rooms daily, because they did a little “more” of what they were supposed to.

2. Yoga

Weirdest Death Causes

Did you know that Yoga can kill you?

Yes, it’s true. The yoga related deaths have considerably increased over the last decade. Be careful – when yoga is taught incorrectly, it has the potential to kill you!

3. Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge

We all know the the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was designed as a noble gesture for raising money for people suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but in some cases it didn’t seem to work out well.

Unfortunately, there were millions of cases where people died from pneumonia-related complications. According to The New England Journal of Ice Bucket Challenges, the estimated number of death causes is around 38% of those who actually did it.

4. The Doctor

Shall we trust doctors? Of course, the doctors are our strongest hope when we are sick.

But sadly, the number of unprepared doctors has lately increased, which leads to the fact that even though they try to save people’s lives, some of them cannot be reliable at all.

Unfortunately, the number of medical-negligence deaths is escalating each year.

5. Laughter

laughing is dangerous

I bet you will think about this for a second. But indeed, laughter is also one of the weirdest and most bizarre ways to die!

And it is true, death by laughter is described as an instance of death, especially because it usually results from asphyxiation or cardiac arrest. The death cases by laughter have shot through the roof in the last ten years, especially because of frequent release of good Adam Sandler or Tyler Perry comedies!

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