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Deadpool 2: My Movie Review

Deadpool 2 is a 2018 American superhero film distributed by 20th Century Fox and a direct sequel to the 2016 film Deadpool. It is based on the Marvel Comics and is the 11th installment in the X-Men film series.  David Leitch directed the film with scripts by Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese, and Ryan Reynolds himself who also played the titular role. 

Deadpool’s plan for a sequel began before that film’s release and were confirmed in February 2016. Miller left the project in October 2016 due to creative differences with Reynolds and was soon replaced by Leitch, though the original creative team of Reynolds, Reese, Wernick, and director Tim Miller  were quickly set to return for the second film. There was an extensive casting search that took place to fill the role of Cable. Filming took place in Canada from June to October 2017, specifically at British Columbia. During filming, a stunt woman named SJ Harris died in a motorcycle accident; the film is dedicated to her memory. The score of the film is the first to receive a parental advisory warning for explicit content.

Deadpool 2 was released on May 18, 2018 in the United States. The movie had a production budget of $110 million, yet it grossed worldwide a box-office income of $733 million, making it the 5th highest-grossing film of 2018. It is also the third highest-grossing X-Men film and the third highest-grossing R-rated film. An extended cut of the film was released later in 2018. Deadpool 3, a sequel, is in development.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!!

In the film, Deadpool forms the team which he named X-Force to protect a young mutant named Firefist from the time-traveling soldier Cable. 

The film is cast by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan of Green Lantern/ Wade Wilson of Wolverine/ Guy of The Croods/ Hannibal King of Blade: Trinity/ Rory Adams of Life) played the titular role of Deadpool aka Wade Wilson as his alter ego, a wisecracking mercenary with accelerated healing but severe scarring over his body after he undergone an experimental regenerative mutation. He forms a team of mutants which he called the X-Force after finding himself at his “lowest point” at the beginning of the film. The film made several references to Deadpool’s pansexuality after the first film was criticized for ignoring it. 

Reynolds also voiced Juggernaut, which was previously portrayed by Vinnie Jones in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. The character’s face was modeled on Leitch’s, with Reynolds providing his voice and facial capture. The latter was just digitally modulated to make it deeper. 

Juggernaut also known as Cain Marko, is the step-brother of X-Men founder Charles Xavier and the avatar of Cyttorak. Marko is bestowed virtually limitless brute strength and durability which he mostly uses for wanton destruction and criminal pursuit using the powered crimson gem of Cyttorak. The Juggernaut is considered one of the strongest and most powerful beings on Earth. He is invincible when he wears his helmet.

Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic (Casper of Better Call Saul/ Yuri of Big Miracle/ Davros’ Operative of 24/ Lee Hagopain of Numb3rs) played as voice actor of Colossus, an X-Man with the mutant ability to transform his entire body into organic steel.

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American actress Brianna Hilderbrand (Verity of The Exorcist/ Julia of Prism/ Sadie Cunningham of Tragedy Girls) played her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a teenage X-Man with the mutant power to detonate atomic bursts from her body. She is now a “new level of X-Men” after being a trainee in the first film. The film also reveals that Negasonic is in a same-sex relationship, which is the first openly LGBTQ relationship depicted in a Marvel film, which in fact the actress is also a member in real life of LGBTQ community herself.

Japanese-actress-born-in-Australia Shioli Kutsuna (Lunafreya of Kingslaive: FInal Fantasy/ Miyu of The Outsider) played her role as Yukio, Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s girlfriend and fellow X-Man. A version of Yukio previously appeared in the 2013 film The Wolverine, portrayed by Rila Fukushima. Yukio is highly skilled in the martial arts, her specialty weapons are scalpel-like shuriken, of which she can hurl up to three at a time with deadly accuracy.

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Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin (Leslie Thompkins of Gotham/ Gideon of The Flash/ Karen Walker of Spy/ Erica Flynn of The Mentalist/ Anna of V) played her role as Vanessa, Wilson’s fiancee who was killed in the beginning of the film, which happens to Cable’s wife and daughter as motivation for the story arc as well.

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German actress Zazie Beetz (Van of Atlanta/ Noelle of Easy/ Dana of Geostorm/ Victoria of Wolves) played the role of Domino, a mercenary with the mutant ability to manipulate luck. She also joins Deadpool’s X-Force team.

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American actor Josh Brolin (Thanos of Avengers: Infinity War/ Beck Weather of Everest/ Dwight of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For/ Jonah Hex of Jonah Hex/ Young Agent K of Men in Black 3/ Josh of Mimic) played the role of Nathan Summers aka Cable, a time-traveling cybernetic soldier, who went back to the time where Russell Collins aka Firefist exist. His wife and daughter was killed by Firefist in the future, he came back to the past for vengeance and justice.

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New Zealander young actor Julian Dennison (Kevin of Paper Planes/ Ricky of Hunt for the Wilderpeople) played the role of Russell Collins aka Firefist, a young mutant who can control fire as his power and is being hunted by Cable. He befriends and allies with Juggernaut. 

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Indian actor Kara Soni (Bennie of Ghostbusters/ Mr. Rooney of Goosebumps) also played as Dopinder as a taxi driver who is an avid fan of Deadpool.

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The film has received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its performances (particularly Reynolds, Brolin, and Beetz), humor and action sequences, with some calling it better than the first film, although a feeling of cynicism drew some criticism.

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 83% based on 300 reviews, and an average rating of 7/10. The website’s critical consensus reads, 

“Though it threatens to buckle under the weight of its meta gags, Deadpool 2 is a gory, gleeful lampoon of the superhero genre buoyed by Ryan Reynolds’ undeniable charm.”

On Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating to reviews, the film has a weighted average score 66 out of 100, based on 51 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews”. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of “A” on an A+ to F scale, the same score as the first film.

IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content, gives an average star rating of 8/10 based on 215,838  votes.

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A superhero film packed with humor and actions plus pop culture. One of the best movies I’ve watched this year. I strongly recommended except a no-no for kids for it has lots of gore and parental guidance is a big must. I give my 9/10 for this film. Star-studded and boredom is no room for this film. Reynolds really nailed it!

If you haven’t watched this film yet, here’s the official trailer courtesy of JoBlo Movie Trailers YT channel:

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Written by Trafalgar Law

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