Bird watching is so relaxing

Hello everyone how you all doing? Is everything going right these days for you? This is the end of the week :>} I spent last weekend fishing didn’t catch a whole lot then it took me 2 days to get back to normal from THAT with aches & pains of getting up & down every so often to check on the rods & catching bites that weren’t there, & throwing out the line after rebaiting the hooks, it’s a job fishing but a lot of fun too when you hook 1.

Me & hubby went out the other day & of course he skunked me, he caught them all & I didn’t catch any :>{ But like I said I still loved it all the same cause we’re together & enjoying the day together he caught a GOOD 4-5 lb cat fish just BIG enough for the 2 of us nice thick steak slabs so with the 2 catfish we have that’s a meal 4 us.

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Bird watching is something that is relaxing & fun to do as you can sometimes find one building a nest & not knowing your watching & it’s so cool to watch them as they build it the way they put the stuff they use for it to make it JUST right, certain birds use certain stuff for their nest & make it so perfect it makes me wonder.

I was checking out this on YouTube & to watch this bird make it’s nest is so fascinating & awesome I watched it all the way through & it’s so cool to see what they use & how they use it to come up with a PERFECT nest that is just the right size & so tightly built & it just amaze’s me, do you take time to watch the birds you have?


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  1. Nice video, thank you for sharing! I love to watch birds in parks and when I go to countryside – in our garden. They are lovely and so beautiful creatures 🙂