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It Becomes Princess Di Again and Again

We put them
On a pedestal
Expecting them
Not to fall
But the wind shifts
And their imperfections show
And like a house of cards
They often fall.

We place them
In a box
Of impossible standards
After all
They are supposed to
Be role models
But the second they
Make a mistake
The slightest misstep
We turn on them
Like an enemy.

We criticize their
Every move
Quick to judge them
For what they eat,
Or do
Stripping away
Every privacy,
After all they
Signed up for this
Didn’t they?

But again and again
We’ve seen so many
Fade away
Like a candle
In the wind,
And it becomes
Princess Di,
Again and again.

We put them on
A pedestal
Expecting them not
To fall
But the wind shifts
And the house of cards
Inevitably falls.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell
1:25 a.m P.S.T


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