Avengers Infinity War

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As at April 2018 Marvel released one of the most Anticipated movies of the Year.”AVENGERS INFINITY WAR”

Research says the movie might be the second Most rated Marvel movie of the Year after “Black Panther”

In this Movie (AIW) we get to see some spectacular characters like Thanos father of Gamora As the Villain..

– Mr Tony Stark (Iron Man)  -Peter Parker (Spider man)- Captain America- Incredible Hulk- Thor (god of thunder)- Groot (Guardian of the Galaxy)- Dr Strange- Black Panther (Ruler of wakanda) & many more..

At the beginning of this movie Thanos was searching for 6 infinity Stones. If found the stones would give the bearer immense power

– Time Stone- Mind Stone- Soul Stone- Space stone-Reality Stone &- Power Stone

The first scene focused on Thanos as He Held Thor (god of Thunder)  captive so that he could collect one of the stones from LOKI (god of mischief)

In this scene Thor was knelling down bruised and battered with Thanos standing telling Loki he would kill his brother if he isn’t given the stones. Apparently Loki Brought out a fake stone & handed it to Thanos ..While he silently brought out a dagger to kill the Titan (Thanos)

Thanos noticed his plan & that caused Loki his Life because at that Moment Thanos Killed him before taking the stone from Him..Thor was devastated but there was nothing the god of thunder could do..

If you haven’t seen this Movie then you need to check it out..

Half of these super Heroes lost their lives trying to stop the Titan. Although the ending is not quite clear to mean because it seems the Titian won.

No one could defeat Him after sacrificing the life of his only daughter Gamora to get the soul stone..

And if you’re the emotional type when it comes to movies, I’d advice you to watch this movie with a pack of tissue because you might cry..

Our super heroes tried their best to stop evil..But their best wasn’t enough..At the end spiderman last words to iron man was..

“Please sir “I don’t know what is happening “I don’t want to Go sir “I’m Sorry “These lines Broke me..I wanted to cry,  but then I remembered I wasn’t Alone..

I can’t say I love the ending,  but what better way to end this??  That last part left me speechless,  Clueless..It left me wondering where they’re because most of these superheroes disappeared..

If you haven’t seen this,  you need to.


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