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I enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War

OK, I think it’s safe now that I could actually speak about the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ because it has already been out for over a week now. Prior to seeing the movie, I avoided getting on social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter because I was afraid that the movie would get spoiled for me.  I did catch certain parts of reviews and comments that I did not want to see, which did give me an idea of how the movie ending would go.

One character in particular that I cannot get my mind off of is the Incredible Hulk. To this day after seeing it I’m still bemused that he did not show up throughout certain parts of the movie when he was most needed. Not that his character would have been much help because we all seen at the beginning of the movie when he went toe-to- toe with Thanos and got his ass handed to him. One would imagine if that was the reason why the Hulk did not show. Bruce Banner tried summoning the Hulk in several scenes, but the Hulk himself seemed cowardly at transforming.

Going into this movie I did not have a clue about the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, but went into it with the expectation of excitement from the characters, which I totally received. The Guardians of the Galaxy characters added humor along with Iron man. Since watching ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ I’m in anticipation of catching up on previous Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Kick names, take ass!

The movie surpassed my expectations on excitement, plus how it ended, but in order to get a feel if of the story I would highly recommend seeing it before you see the next half, which will be in theaters next year.


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