Analyzing the movie, mother!

Wednesday, 1.22.20

While watching the movie, mother! on the indie channel, I was suddenly reminded of my recurring dreams, which I haven’t had in a long time. The movie mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. They are a couple expecting a baby while living in their house. All of the sudden, people from the outside, who look like homeless people, enter their home and live with them. The man wants them there, but his wife wants them out. The people start rummaging in the house, stealing things and loitering the house. The couple hide inside a back room, and close off the door. The woman gives birth to her son there, but she won’t let her husband touch the baby. When she falls asleep, he eventually takes the baby out to show it to the crazy people. And, they end of sacrificing it, near a wall filled with lighted candles in a dark room. It appears that some of the were eating the baby. Then, the crazy people try to stone her to death, but her husband saves her and takes her into another room, where she lights a match and burns the whol house down. She later wakes up in her bed, looking for her husband. So, I am not sure if it is a dream or they have move on elsewhere.

My similar dreams weren’t to this extent. I just remember dreaming about waking up and noticing that my small townhouse is being taken over by a group of people, mostly young people. They appeared to be freely living in my place as their own place, and when I told them to get out, no one listening, as if they couldn’t hear or see me. One person did say in the dream that this is their place now, and I should get out. They appeared to be homeless, but they dressed better than the people in the dystopian society in the movie. They were more like Parasites in America, like the other current 2019 movie. In one of my dreams, I  notice a cop standing by my front door, and tell me to get these idiots out of my place. They kids look scared, but they slowly and quietly walk out, kind of like they are mentally ill. In another similar dream, I walk into my townhouse to notice it is empty, and someone stole everything I own. I walked around frantically to ask neighbors what is going on, but no one knows. When I return to my townhouse, I notice it has been remodeled into modern minimal living space. I thought it looked cool, but I wanted my old furniture back. There is no one in the house except me and my cat, but my cat is busy guarding the townhouse against mice. And, in my dreams, I am not pregnant nor married.

Moreover, I notice that Jennifer Lawrence does a lot of dystopian movies, such as Hunger Games series and this one, mother!

I just cannot believe that I had a series of recurring dystopian dreams of similar nature. It is probably just signs about the future. But I hope it doesn’t happen to me in real life.


What do you think?


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