Actors Exposing Their Pimp as Distraction

Wednesday, 11.22.17

As I watch this video, I realize that it makes a lot of sense. All of the sudden, all this sexual harassment is coming out from different stupid actress in order to frame some idiot named Harvey Weinstein, even though they all work together and this Harvey helped make all his bitches rich and famous. These stupid bitches weren’s complaining before because they were enjoying their sudden and instant fame, fortune, and acting jobs. But amidst all this political mess, the Zionist media needs a distraction. And, who do they call? Well, it is not that gay movie Ghostbusters. Their CIA promoting bitches suddenly come out into the limelight to perform their shitty acting skills in order to expose their pimp Harvey Weinstein as the new distraction. I have never even heard of Harvey Weinstein before this distraction started all over the Zionist media as well as many YouTube videos trying to expose this shit.

It is typical for the Zionist media to use these actors as a form of distraction from what is really going on in this world because that is these actors’ main job, although some suck at acting and mostly do promotional work to promote shit to the idiots following them as their celebrity god. For example, both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck suck rotten eggs as actors. And, I never liked the movie Good Will Hunting. I thought it was too long and it really dragged. I actually fell asleep in the middle of the movie. But I often like to re-watch such shit movies just to analyze the scenes, which is mostly propaganda bullshit being promoted to the masses.


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