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10 questions “Why,” to which there is still no answer

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The most frequently asked question since childhood is Why? The children who have learned to speak speak it out hundreds of times in just one day. And you know the answer to some of the questions. I hope you will smile a lot in figuring out the answers. I wish you a wonderful day.

1. Why do people order a double hamburger, a large portion of french fries and then a diet Coke?

2. Why do 24-hour restaurants and shops have locks?

3. Why does lemon juice contain artificial flavorings, and the dishwasher tablets – natural lemon juice?

4. Why do not they produce food for cats with a taste of mice?

5. Why Dog Food Contains: New, Better Taste – Who Has Tested It?

6. Why sterilize the needles to be used for euthanasia?

Everyone is feeling about the indestructible black box on the plane …

7. Why not make the entire aircraft of this material?

8. Why do we wash bath towels, are we not supposed to be clean when we use them?

9. Why the Plate Forbidden Walking on the Grass! is in the middle of the lawn? How did they put it on …

10.Why do the workers have a coffee break in tea factories?

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