10 most shocking films: 3. In a Glass Cage

A former Nazi doctor who has become a pedophile paralyzed since he attempted suicide by jumping through the window. However, he failed to do so and now his body is imprisoned in a glass apparatus that keeps his lungs still breathing. 

The man was always supervised by his wife, but his wife decided that she was tired of caring for her paralyzed husband and wanting to live her life. So a man needs a nurse who can keep caring about him.

Suddenly a boy comes up saying he wants and can care for a paralyzed man. Though his wife didn’t really want to give this boy a job, the former doctor allowed the boy to take up his duties. The boy left a good impression and seemed completely harmless, but the sick man here was terribly wrong.

The boy appeared to be one of the witnesses to see how the doctor tortured and killed people during his experiments. In addition, the boy also has a man’s diary where he described all the crimes committed during the war in relation to pedophilia and murdering.

No matter how strange or unexpected, the boy shows his desire to follow the pedophile footsteps.

This work is considered to be a controversial film that touches taboos that are usually too strong for most viewers. The film touches such unusual themes as nazism, pedophilia, torture, and homosexuality.

The movie presents all the horrors to the audience through the prism of the horror film.

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