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10 Historical Period Korean Dramas That Are Binge-Worthy

Binge-watching TV shows nowadays has become the norm; especially on rainy or snowy days.  Watching Korean historical period drama television series is an addiction for me. Korean dramas are very popular and meet the criteria for being “binge-worthy”.  Below is a list of some of the K-drama TV shows that I have watched.  This is an add on to my other post:

Best Korean Dramas About Kingdom of Joseon: My Top 5 Picks

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#1 Six Flying Dragons (2015)

During the Chosun Dynasty, there were constant ruthless power struggles. Father against son.  Brother against brother.  The youngest son of the first wife proved to be the most ambitious and ultimately made his way to the throne.  Yet his heart belonged to a commoner; a woman of low birth.  

On a binge-worthy scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating, "Six Flying Dragons" rates 100.  Yeah.  It was 10 times as good as any other series I've watched.

#2 Grand Prince (2018)

What do you do when 2 brothers fall for the same woman?  Easy.  Let the woman choose.  Whether you allow her to choose or not, she will choose the brother who won her heart!

Binge-worthy scale:  9 out of 10  

#3 The Flower in Prison (2016)

A baby is born in a prison.  Her mother dies in childbirth.  All of her life she never knew her heritage.  When she finally learned who she was she had already learned what she needed to know to survive.  Those skills came in handy.

Binge-worthy scale:  9 out of 10


#4 The Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

A vampire during the Joseon Dynasty.  Not an evil vampire.  A good vampire.  But he has to do battle with the evil vampire and get rid of him and free the people from this cursed creature.

Binge-worthy scale:  10 out of 10

#5 Maids (2015)

Circumstances in a person's life can change dramatically and drastically in an instant.  One day you're a noblewoman.  The next day you're a maid.  Your father is executed as a traitor.  No surprise that your first reaction and response is to try to kill yourself.  But what do you do when you attempted suicide is thwarted?  You realize who you are and that you've got work to do.  Your father was innocent and his name needs to be cleared.

Binge-worthy scale:  8.5 out of 10

#6 Mirror of the Witch (2016)

This movie was also called "Secret Healer".

Binge-worthy scale:  7 out of 10  (Some of the scenes were disappointing.)

#7 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

What a cast of characters!  One king had all those sons.  It's a shame they couldn't all just get along.  This series has an interesting "twist".  A young woman from the future fell into the water and ended up in the past.  3 of the sons fell in love with her.

Binge-worthy scale:  9 out of 10

#8 Chuno (Slave Hunter: 2010)

This movie was tough!  The opening scene looks like a Korean version of an American western.  But it was a great way to introduce the main characters.  The opening scene immediately got my attention and kept it all the way to the end. The series was an educational experience because I didn't know much about slavery during the Joseon Dynasty.

Binge-worthy scale: 10 out of 10

#9 Gunman in Joseon (2014)

The character in this series was a nobleman whose entire family was falsely accused.  His accusers tried to kill him and thought they had succeeded.  He survived and ended up in Japan, where he reinvented himself.  He returned to Korea with one thing on his mind; restoring his family's honor.

Binge-worthy scale: 10 out of 10

#10 Dong Yi (2010)

This series was fascinating.  I liked the king and felt sorry for him.  He was just a man who wanted the genuine love of a woman.  The woman he fell in love with was Dong Yi.  When you get to know her character you understand that she was very easy to love.  But being loved by the king means that you always have to watch your back.

Binge-worthy scale: 10 out of 10

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