PROJECT UPDATE!! Mummy cat made out of toilet paper

Hello everyone! I posted yesterday about working on a mummy cat made out of TP! Well here is the progress I made so far. Didn’t think tp would be so flimsy when wet but pretty hard when dry. Yes its just one of those small cats you see only when Halloween is near.

This picture is me trying to color on toilet paper its not easy but its fun to see what you can come up with takes a lot of time to to this because all the tp wants to do is rip but you can fix just add a little water and more tp it will be fine.

I am going for the cat mummy in a suit but I’m only a beginner and I’m not sure out it will look so please don’t hate on me I will have more pictures when I’m finished. By the way, I have another cat I done #DEADPOOL Skeleton cat I will post later on as well stay in touch!!



What do you think?


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