Up at 2am

hello everyone this has been a eventful morning so far. NugNug was up and down and the mom didn’t wanna get the up at first then finally after  the baby is screaming and waking everyone up she gets up and takes care of her baby. then she gets her to calm down she feeds baby and i don’t know bout you but i seen to burp a bay you hold her or him on your shoulder with a small blanket on its back and you get the bubbles out. Well is it right to hold a baby upright in  you arm hold  the neck from front and pat the back? Please comments below i wanna see what you think i know its wrong right!! just like to know. Plus baby Skyla did the exersist kind of puck 4 times i’m like omg Really!

Anyways now NugNug is sleeping because the Grinch made her feel safe aka grandpa

Till next time this is the Grinch aka GrandpaDubzanator  going back to sleep or at least try too.



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