InUPress’ Inspirational Productivity Motivation Newsletter, July's opening Goals..

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InUPress’ Inspirational Productivity Motivation Newsletter.


Written by Kenneth Shumaker.

July 2, 2018,

Volume 01, Issue 003

Published on Virily on July 2, 2018.

Good-day my friend, I often wonder how to count the ways to success? There are too many to really count, but almost all involve some form of work investment or capital. In any case, almost all typically involve setting goals at some point.

I learned this in my youth as a construction worker, becoming a foreman of my first crew and this was reinforced with the lessons at each step through my various stages of life and my multiple careers.

So, without further delay here are InUPress’ six goals for the month of July:

  1. Let’s finalize the manuscript for, ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume VI: Servile,’ and get it out and published.
  2. Submit and complete the application to the Canada Council for the Arts for the author, Kenneth Shumaker, try to get the submission accepted this time.
  3. Submit and complete the application to the Canada Council for the Arts for the imprint, Inevitable Unicorn Press.
  4. Research and build more on the world setting: ‘Adan,’ for writing the series: ‘Calgary Drop.’
  5. Create the Media one-sheet for the author: Kenneth Shumaker.
  6. Create the Media one-sheet for the imprint: InUPress.

I look at this list as it is nearly identical to June’s list, right? Is this list cursed? Will we do a major fail again? OR! Will we kill it and have a major success this time!

I think I should be able to tick at least three of the six items off this time with any luck other than bad luck. (Insert my benign smile)

The primary goals that I’d like to tackle for certain are goals numbers one, five and then two to start with, then the rest can follow. I still have three yearly goals needing to be achieved which include the yearly goals: #5, ‘Publish ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume VI: Servile,’’ and #6, ‘Gain membership with Canada Council for the Arts for the author, Kenneth Shumaker.’

Thus, hitting the two monthly goals: #1 and #2, will tick these both off, #5 and #6, of InUPress’ year’s goals, and turn the yearly goals into a Minor Achievement with five of six completed. The sixth yearly goal that is left, #3: ‘gain an agent,’ I have decided to abandon for this year as I replaced this with gaining a mentor/coach instead, which I have achieved.

I still have the computer repair business, and author or business management consulting work, as well as the publishing imprint,  work to do this month.

My other aim for July is to add 6,000 words to my book two novel manuscript of the ‘Star Grean.’ Increasing the series word count to reach to a total word set in the manuscript for book two of 21,000 – 22,000.

Also, I desire to write three, possibly four new series episodes or non-fiction articles. Two episodes of the sci-fi/fantasy series, ‘Eren’s Challenge,’ and one of the medieval fantasy series, ‘Morgus.’ Plus, a fun piece of any episode or an article of one of the other series, maybe the pilot for, ‘Calgary Drop’? Or the scripts for the Skillshare lessons?

I opted to join a Skillshare teaching project this month as well. This project involves teaching writers the different options involved with publishing.

As well, I’ll continue publishing episodes of ‘Eren’s challenge,’ every Tuesdays and ‘Morgus,’ Thursdays on Virily. All while publishing episodes of ‘Eren’s Challenge,’ on the last Monday, and ‘Lanis,’ on the first Monday of the month, on the Patreon platform.

Join me at either of these platforms if you like reading sci-fi/fantasy (in Eren’s Challenge) or medieval fantasy (in either of, Lanis or Morgus.). The gnoll’s know!

I relax writing and enjoy entertaining readers with great stories, tell me how I’m doing, over there at Patreon or Virily or at or!

Thank you, sincerely, Kenneth Shumaker.

May the words stay with you!

© 2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with InUPress

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