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6 Inspiring Moments

The open list is probably one of the most under used tools we have to come together as a community and create something interesting. So once again (yes, I must love banging my head against the same wall) I trying to explain the value and how it serves everyone.

This is about what inspires YOU. You can enter a text, image or embed to the list. It should grow and change often as others contribute and things are voted up and down. You never mark it off your list, you come back and see how it has grown or changed.

So please, if you have a thought that inspires you, add it. If you have a picture you love, add it. Let’s see if we can use this tool to make a showcase of things that inspire us. (Yes, I will do it all by myself if I have to, but I would rather not!

#1 Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind (Official Video)

When I think if inspiration this is one of the songs that come to mind.  I find the advice to be sound for everyone to be reminded and think about.

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#2 Christmas Every Day 96

I find at least two things in this that inspire me. I love children and their sense of wonder and these feet look like they belong to a child.  I also love gifts. Not of them come in gift boxes wrapped with paper, some do!

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#3 Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry (Author)

Sometimes simply taking a few minutes to enjoy a children's book is inspiring. I found this one to be so.

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#4 Stacy and Tinker

The love Stacy has for her pets inspires me. This is Stacy and her cat Tinker before he died.

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#5 Nature

Nature inspires me to look for the beauty around me, even in the little things. 

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