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5 Best Home Remedies to Clean Deep Stains from Glass Boards

Dry Erase Glass Boards are commonly used in offices and homes. Glass boards come up with eraser or duster and a board marker. The cleaning of these boards is a simple task that only requires a scrubber that removes all the dust and satins after the prolonged use of all-day. In offices, these boards are used to mentioned important instructions, strategies, and planning. In schools and colleges, these boards are frequently used by teachers. These clear glass whiteboards are used as partitions and doors in offices and homes. The use of these glass boards is rapidly increasing. Many people are disappointed and complain about the erase of glass boards. The eraser or duster doesn’t clean deep stains from the glass boards. It streaks and leaves behind the curd and dust stick with the board.

Best Home Remedies of Cleaning Stains from Dry Erase Glass Boards

  • Use Hand Sanitizer

Except for cleaning your hands from germs, hand sanitizers also have many other uses. Hand sanitizers are the perfect source of cleaning deep marker stains from the clear glass dry erase boards. Before starting its cleaning, make sure you have dust the glass board with a dry piece of paper or cloth. After dusting the surface, apply a small amount of hand sanitizer on the surface of the clear glass whiteboard. Wait for a minute and allow the solution to work on the stains of the board. The ingredients of hand sanitizer have the power to resolve the dust particles from the whiteboard. For a stainless surface, use a dry cloth or a paper towel to wipe the surface.

  • Clean it with Vinegar

From cleaning to cooking and from disinfecting the wounds to treat headache, Vinegar is frequently used in our house. Vinegar has surprising health benefits that can make it better from any medicine. The compounds of vinegar have the power to increase the digesting power of stomach. Except for all of these, Vinegar can also clean the dust and stains from your dry erase glass boards. Vinegar is an amazing indefensible item that can remove the dirt particles from the glass board and don’t have any impact on its surface. The white solution of vinegar works as a protective layer for the glossy surface of your whiteboards.

For cleaning, mix white vinegar in a bowl with a full cup of water and makes a clear solution. You can apply this solution on the surface of glass erase board with the help of the piece of water. A better method of applying vinegar on the whiteboard is to pour the clear vinegar solution into the spray bottle and spray it generously on the surface of the board. Leave it almost for 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe it with a dry piece of cloth.

NOTE: Make sure you have cleaned the dry erase glass erase board with a paper or cloth.

  • Use Peroxide – a Powerful Cleaning Agent 

Do you know hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that is used to clean wounds? Peroxide has the power to fight against various skin infections and heal minor cuts and burns. In different mouth rinsing products, peroxide is used as an active ingredient that can remove mucus and reduce mouth irritation. But except for all these uses of hydrogen peroxide, how it can be used for cleaning purposes? The molecules of hydrogen peroxide have the power to resolve the dust particles in it and deep clean the stains. If you have a dry erase glass board, then hydrogen peroxide is the cheapest way to clean your board.

Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on a dry cloth or cleaning rag and rub it on the surface of erasing glass board. Repeat this pouring and rubbing procedure and do it until your whiteboard is clean from all stains and dirt. Don’t forget to clean the peroxide with a dry piece of cloth.

  • Do It Simply with Toothpaste

Are your dry erase glass board made up of non-porous material? If yes, then using toothpaste is the perfect way to clean your whiteboards. Toothpaste has a surprising effect on different types of stains; even it can work on the stains of permanent markers. Apply some toothpaste on the brush that you are not using anymore and scrub it smoothly on the surface of the erase glass board. The formulation of toothpaste increases the glossiness of clear glass boards surface. Complete this scrubbing procedure by adding a little amount of water. After completing the scrubbing step, use a dry piece of cloth or a paper towel to get the stainless, clean and fresh look.


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  1. That is very good info. The article is short, concise, and informative. AS a glass blower I knew the secret of toothpaste as a polishing compound but had never thought of the other solutions for white boards.

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