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A Young Concubine Amused to Discover a Cherry Blossom in Her Sake Cup

I am a huge fan of Japanese art. One of the things that attracts me to it is their economy of line, if you’ve paid attention to my rough sketches, you might notice I use an overabundance of small strokes and part of the reason I did this piece was to experiment with the longer, more elegant strokes of the Japanese style…


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  1. There is a mutually exciting thought between wonder and confidence that contradicts with no wonder at all when first seeing the cover of this post in a row alongside another post. It must be Alex, but is it? There’s only one Japanese painter here and that’s not Alex, but… Alex likes Japanese art too… So?

    • Modern manga is a direct descendant of Ukiyo-E, and while that influence is felt more strongly in some styles vs others (moe vs seinen) they’re all coming from the same place, just evolving differently

      I am glad to hear you liked my little experiment. I’ve got a chibi version of this somewhere…


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