How he Got Away With it – Two

In the article about Jamaican Ponzis     two features need to be absorbed.   The first is the part played by the Shill, who  ropes people into the scam by claiming he was ‘always paid’.

The inference is that if he was always paid, you would be too.

In the Jamaican Ponzi scheme,   almost everyone who reinvested was ripped off.  Billions of dollars was defrauded from thousands  of people.

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The few who were  ‘always paid’ and those dupes who believed they too would ‘always’ be paid,  defended the Scammer and prevented him from being arrested the first time.

When he was finally arrested, he was able to again trick people into believing they would be paid.

One of his lawyers, (who is now serving a prison sentence)  told the witnesses that if they gave evidence and sent  the Scammer to prison they would never be paid.

If they did not give evidence, they would get back their money.

Those contacted by the lawyer did not attend Court.  There was no way to try the Scammer without witnesses.

The Scammer walked free.   He did not pay anyone.


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Written by jaylar