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Real-life is happening at this moment. But man is a being who does not appreciate what he has or desires for what he has not. He feels excited about the future and constantly thinking about the past. And where does the present disappear?

It usually stays in the background because it simply is: it seems so dim, imperceptible. Although it is the present that determines the future and what will become the past.

People who are able to live in the present moment are happier. Why? Because negative and troubled thoughts are usually about the past or the future. This is something we cannot control. What we cannot control is disturbing us. By worrying about what does not depend on us, we are just wasting energy.

When we engage in some enjoyable activity, we lose sight of everything else. Having a moment, not worrying about running time, just succumbing to its flow. And that is the true beauty of being.

So relax and simply enjoy what is available now. Just BE.

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