What is a rainbow?

What is a rainbow? Technically rainbows are refractions of light through water that make the colors of the spectrum in so many words, but this story is not a scientific one but a spiritual one. Rainbows are a promise from Jesus that he is looking after us. Rainbows go clear back to the time of Noah and the Ark. God told Noah to build the Ark and to stock it with all the ‘clean’ animals that he knows of so that when the flood recedes the earth can be populated once again and to be trusted.

Rainbows to me are all about having hope and wishes fulfilled. One way that I see my wishes coming true is when I hear doves cooing from my window or I see them at the many birdfeeders that I have hung for the birds to eat. Rainbows also seem to give me luck, if that is possible, for when I am able to see one and follow its’ path there is this feeling that something is going to happen as when Noah finally saw the dove come back with the olive branch.

One day after a rain I did see a rainbow and I made a wish. It did take awhile for this wish to come true, but it did for I was somewhat patient. I am now waiting to see what course or courses I will be teaching and even my writing projects seem to be working out. Praise to the Lord for making rainbows.


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Written by 1Mark

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