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Wash Belly -21

Joey was easy prey for a woman who wanted and would take everything he had.  As one of those suspicious types, all a woman had to do was play dumb.  

Colin never had much respect for Joey, so cut him loose and focused on Keith.

As time passed, as Colin’s legitimate business was doing well.  He didn’t need the risks so decided to turn his ganja trade over to Adam, his sister Lucy’s son.

Adam was independent, no one Colin could play.   He knew everything but wasn’t going to be a pawn.

Colin liked Adam, gave him the business, requiring a flat rate per month, which was pennies considering how much money was being made.

Colin told Keith he’d quit the ganja trade. He neglected to mention   he’d given it to Adam.   If Keith found out and was angry, it was a shoulder shrug.   

Colin couldn’t care less about Keith or Joey,  He’d played them for as much as he could, and now, not needing them anymore, cut them loose.


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Written by jaylar

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